Why Tennis Rackets Are Expensive?

If you’re a tennis lover then you have definitely thought about Why tennis rackets are expensive?, Right? Generally, high-quality things are expensive. The world of tennis has developed and manufacturing amazing tennis equipment. So, like other things some high quality and well-made tennis rackets are also expensive. This is just because of their exceptional materials and standardized structures. They offer great performance abilities that are exactly up to the desires of advanced players.

However, cheap rackets are also available in markets that do not demand a heavy budget. But these cheaper rackets not good for competitive gameplay or to use in tournaments. Because they are usually made up of less durable material. Moreover, it depends on the player’s style and experience. I mean if you are a beginner or improving tennis skills then a cheap racket would be enough or you can checkout our beginner tennis racket guide. While for quality game play or tournament matches you should have a high quality and durable tennis racket.


Here, I am going to discuss some basic reasons that will exactly describe why tennis rackets are so expensive?

1. Materials Used in Tennis Rackets

Tennis Racquets

The material used in tennis rackets is one of the major reasons of why tennis rackets have become so expensive by now. In the past, human hand made tennis rackets were used. These rackets have consisted of a solid mass of wood with movable shafts. They were the cheapest tennis rackets ever that have been first introduced without strings. After that, they made tennis rackets with the string that proved apparently good than before. 

With the change in time, the whole world has developed and lots of innovations are made. Now, different brands are manufacturing high-quality tennis rackets. They produce tennis rackets made up of lightweight graphite which is derived from carbon. The materials used for tennis frames are Kevlar, copper, fiberglass, tungsten, titanium, and composite of graphite.  

While tennis rackets grips are made of leather, rubber, or synthetic material like neoprene. On the other hand, Nylon is used to manufacture tennis rackets strings. Because it offers super tension and quality performance experience. All these materials are relatively expensive due to their quality and durability. This is why tennis rackets are so expensive.

2. Tennis Racket Shaft Stiffness 

Tennis rackets come in both flexible and stiff shafts that are required for a different level of tennis gameplay. With the increasing tennis experience, the players need a stiffer tennis racket shaft. While for a beginner or improver, a tennis racket with a flexible shaft is best. Flexible shaft helps to produce swing speed because a newer player cannot play these shots from the very start. 

An advanced player uses wrist, forearm, and backswing to generate speed in strokes. And skilled players know the worth of these rackets as they love to play with stiffer shaft rackets. Usually, manufacturers use graphite and steel to make tennis racket shafts. Because they are considered as the best materials for shafts.

The stiffer rackets are more expensive than others. This is why tennis racket shaft stiffness affects the cost.

3.Tennis Rackets Strings

There are two main things in Tennis Racket Strings that greatly effects the performance and cost. One of them is the material used to make strings. For high-quality tennis racket strings, Nylon is considered as the best material. Because the strings made of Nylon have superb tennis tension and produce power strokes. 

The second thing is the tension of strings. While manufacturing tennis rackets, these strings run from top to bottom, and cross strings run side to side that is pulled on a racket- stringing machine to set tension. The tension of the string is measured in pounds. Usually, string tension ranges from 55 pounds to 80 pounds. Tennis rackets with lower tension string produce power shots with less control.

On the other hand, a higher tension string provides superb control but need to exert power on the ball to play strokes. Both types of rackets are available but the tennis rackets that have better strings material and tension are more expensive. So, the tennis racket string is one of the reasons that effects in raising the cost of tennis rackets.

4. Durability of Tennis Rackets

The materials such as steel or graphite are highly durable that last for years without losing their quality. The durability of tennis rackets depends on materials used in their manufacturing. Usually, shafts of tennis rackets are made of steel because it does not allow to rust. On the other hand, the composite graphite which has derived from carbon is also used to make tennis rackets shafts. And this material is also durable as steel.

However, plenty of cheap tennis rackets are also available whose frames are made of less durable materials such as aluminum, titanium, tungsten, fiberglass, or copper. Moreover, manufacturers use Kevlar for tennis racket shaft.

Nylon is used to make tennis racket strings because this is considered as one of the best materials for strings. While the materials like rubber, leather, or synthetic material are used to manufacture tennis rackets grips. All these materials are durable and better for quality performance. The tennis rackets that have been manufacture by these materials are expensive. So, this is one of the main reasons why tennis rackets are so expensive.


Are more expensive rackets better?

Of course, more expensive rackets are better than cheap ones. Because they are usually made from highly durable materials such as Steel or Graphite which is derived from carbon. And expensive tennis rackets greatly affect your game and let you play with extreme potential. Advanced tennis players love to play with expensive rackets.

How much does a decent tennis racket cost?

Actually, a decent tennis racket is something that lets you play tennis confidently. However, cheap rackets are also available but cannot help to expose and enhance your skills. This is decent rackets are more expensive than cheap rackets. And the price of a decent tennis racket is a little less or upwards of 500 dollars.

Does tennis racket make a difference?

Yes, a decent tennis racket makes a great difference in the game. Playing with a cheap tennis racket is only good for beginners. To step up your game style, you need to have a decent tennis racket. A better tennis rackets with a durable frame and shaft help to play power strokes with a little bit of losing energy.

What is the most expensive tennis racket in the world?

There are various high quality and expensive tennis rackets available now. But, Wilson Pro Staff 85 Original is the most expensive tennis racket in the world till now. Its price is approximately $2800. While as a prize, Proximus Diamond Game Prize Tennis Racket is the most expensive racket in the world of about $1.3 million. About 1700 real diamond stones have been composed in the string of Proximus Diamond Game Prize Tennis Racket. The weight of this racket is about 4 kg.

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