How to Pick the Best Tennis Racquet?

How to pick the best tennis racquet seems daunting whether you are beginner or professional. To make this process easier, we have compiled all the aspects that you should need to look while selecting a tennis racket. Let’s get straight into them!

Grip Size

Before choosing the tennis racquet grip, size is important to ensure. To find the grip size, you should measure the width of the palm. This measure is your grip size in inches.

However, the common width size of an adult is from 4 to 4 and 5/8th inches. Recently I mentioned 1 more buying guide in my best tennis racquets for beginners article, You should also check that, hope it’ll also help you a lot in choosing the right racket for you.

Besides, we recommend you to choose the standard size, which is 27 inches long. It added power while playing because of the extended length of the racquet. But there are available up to 29” racquets. The longer length gives extra leverage on a swing so that you can give shot more powerfully. But it is not ideal for beginners. The longer length of racquets is less manoeuvrable.

For beginners, we suggest 27” racquet.

Styles of Tennis Racquets

Tennis Racquets

There are three styles of tennis racquets. You can choose one that suits your playing style. Also, you should determine your skill level. Besides, the styles are:

  • Tweener Racquets

This type of racquets is well-balancing. These racquets are available for all skill levels. If you want easy maneuverability, good control as well as power.

  • Power/Game Improvement Racquets

This style of racquets is lightweight. These are characterized by large heads. Also, if you want a longer style, then it is great for you. This type of racquets is the ideal choice for beginners or intermediate.

Additionally, it is also a perfect choice for those who want more power.

  • Control/Player’s Racquets

This style of racquets is designed for professional players. These have small heads to provide maximum control. Also, this style of racquets can be short and long. They are heavy in weight and added power to the shots.

For Beginners

If you are a beginner, then the large head racquets are suitable for you. Without over swinging, these racquets are forgiving that provide plenty of power. After measuring your grip size, complete the following specifications.

27 inches length

9-10 oz weight

The heavy head which balances towards the top.

If you are a beginner and want to become an athlete, then get a racquet that is less powerful with a big head. But the lightweight head is more powerful as compared to the heavyweight racquets.


The tennis racquets are made of aluminum, carbon fiber, graphite. The graphite material is lightweight. The graphite material is an ideal choice for beginners. Other materials that are suitable for beginners are titanium and aluminum. These type of materials offers great power and comfort when you hit the shots.

Another lightweight material is Kevlar or Boron. These materials are the most lightweight which are relatively stiff as well as less forgiving for beginners. That’s why we don’t recommend them for beginners.

For beginners, the material choice is not an important need. But you should get on that are comfortable in your hands while playing. Also, don’t break your bank. Get a budget-friendly range. 

When it comes to the cheapest racquets, the aluminum came first in mind. This material is a little heavy than others but sturdy as well.

Last but not least, the Carbon fiber, Kevlar and Boron racquets are expensive s compared to other materials.

String Pattern

It is also crucial to consider the stringing pattern when you choose the best tennis racquets. It is one of the biggest aspects that affect your playing. However, there are two patterns of strings available either an open or closed, which is also known as dense stringing. The stringing pattern affects your spin, control and power.

  • Open String Pattern

The open stringing offers great spin. Heaving this stringing pattern you can hit the tennis ball harder with topspin. But you should be kept in mind, these strings are more likely to break.

  • Closed/Dense String Pattern

The closed/dense stringing pattern offers more control when hitting. These stringing is better for beginners.

Beam Width

The tennis racquets with a bigger beam provide more power on the racquet. However, the high beam width is easily found in larger racquets. Besides, if the large beam width is not comfortable when hitting, then you should choose them.

However, we suggest the beam width ranging between 23-27mm.


It is also a considerable aspect when you pick the best tennis racquet. The flexibility is ranging between 0-100. While the tennis racquets flexibility falls is ranging from 45 to 70.

The lower flexibility offers more control and spin but less powerful. However, these range racquets are comfortable as well.

While the high flexibility tennis racquets provide more power, this range is ideal for intermediate to professional players. But if you are a beginner and satisfied with a high-frequency range to get more power, then go ahead.


The weight of a tennis racquet prior to stringing is important to figure out. In fact, the racquets having large heads have lighter weight than smaller head size racquets. The lightweight tennis racquets are the ideal choice for beginners. However, the advanced players should select the smaller head size racquets to get more power with each shot.

Test Out

Before spending your money, you should test out a few swings. If they feel comfortable in your hands, then you should buy it. We recommend you to try a broad sample when you start looking first. For beginners get the racquets with large heads. However, if you are still confused then ask your friends.

Do racquets with big heads give you a bigger sweet spot?

Yes, the large head size of tennis racquets gives bigger sweet spots as compared to smaller head-sized racquets.

What is the main advantage of a longer racquet?

The longer size racquet gives you more control than smaller ones. However, the standard length of a tennis racquet is 27”. If you are looking above 27” then these give more control but difficult to maneuverable for beginners.

The Conclusion

All in all, we have discussed how to pick the best tennis racquet. We hope you find this article useful. However, it is recommended to tennis racquet weight chart also tennis racquet grip size chart to get the optimal size. Whether you are a beginner or professional, we suggest you get the Babolat tennis racquet or Wilson tennis racquets that suits your needs. Thank you for visiting us!

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