How To Increase Tennis Serve Speed

Today’s discussion is going to be a very crucial lesson about increasing the Tennis Serve Speed. To increase your tennis serve speed, you should know that what should be the speed of your service. I have got a powerful serve lesson today. That is going to go over what you can do with your off-hand to help you stay up on your serve speed. So, let’s get to start that lesson right now.

An Experiment to Speed up the Tennis Serve Speed

So, before knowing about how you can improve your serve speed, improve staying up on your serve speed by focusing on your off-hand. I have got to show you the problem that I see with a lot of wrecked players. 

So, what ends up happening is, when players are serving and they tossing the ball. Their fingers are all contorted. It is a common problem that players do. Follow the given instructions and try it again and again. You will open the hand and extend your fingers. Most of the wrecked players struggle with their off-hand when they toss the ball. The hand is kind of scrunched up and contorted, and it looks like an alien.

Common Mistakes and their Solution

Focus on the Fingers

Some of the players do not focus on spreading fingers after they toss the ball. So, it is a good idea to practice it by doing a shadow stroke. Get into a trophy position and just put your tossing arm up with your open fingers. And notice how looks like your spreading your hand with fingers.

Squatting in Tennis Serving 

During the serving of a tennis ball, most of the players do not notice that they are squatting too much on their serve. You can also observe that you may be squatting when you bend your legs and not even know that you are doing it incorrectly. But don’t worry about that. After reading this blog you will not only give up squatting but also improve your tennis serve. 

There is a common problem in almost all new players when they bend their knees, they squat. That’s not what you want to do. You actually want to push your hips forward as bend the knees. The best idea is to practice it again and again so that you can actually do it when you hit the ball.

So, instead of squatting and sticking your butt back, push your hips forward. So, you are actually going to bend your knees less when you push your hips forward. Now, instead of feeling all the tension in your quads, you are going to feel more tension in your glutes. And that’s why you gotta do glute bridge exercises and other exercises that are going to strengthen those glute muscles. And that is going to help you generate more power and more rhythm on the serve. It will dramatically improve your serve. 

How to serve?

Now keep in mind that when you toss the ball and you actually hit the serve, you are going to have a harder time doing this If you are not used to it. So, you are really going to have to practice shadow strokes first, then you can try to do it when you actually hit serves, and you are really going to have to commit to spreading those fingers.

So, you have to look at your shadow when you are going to hit a serve and focus on spreading your fingers on your tossing hand. Definitely, you felt great to hit the serve. Try it again and again. If you have focused on extending your tossing arm up and really spreading those fingers, you have known that it was amazing than before. It allows you to stay up on the service and to really explode when you will do it.


If you have your fingers all contorted and your arms slightly bent, you will not be able to extend up to the ball as much as you want. Now, If you got a lot of value out of this lesson, then do it again and again to become a perfect Tennis Server.

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