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Guys, it is great to know that you are here to learn tennis. And this is genuine truth that nobody can learn on his own. Everybody has to take tennis coaching classes or follow the tennis tips instructional videos to become a good skillful player. As tennis involves plenty of techniques and shots, so it may take more than ten years to become a pro.

At the start, the players face difficulties in playing tennis even they can’t play a good serve. But if you take tennis lessons regularly and follow the instructions then you will be able to step up your game early. And the only thing that can improve your game is to do regular practice of what you learn.

In this article, I am going to tell you about the tennis lesson on different playing levels. And I will also guide you about which tennis lessons are better for you.

Beginners Tennis Lessons

These lessons are for those who have never played tennis before or started to play tennis recently. The tennis lessons for beginners usually includes fundamentals of tennis, basic techniques about how to play serve, forehand, backhand, and volley shots. By this class, the players can learn rules of tennis, scoring system, and tennis ethics.

After taking these lessons you will be able to do better footwork and improve movement on the court. So, you should follow these lessons if you are a very beginner because this provides a great base for your tennis gameplay. The players who take these lessons seriously and do their sufficient can improve tennis skills early.

Intermediate Tennis Lessons

After a better start, you will need to improve your skills. For this purpose, intermediate lessons are best that help to step up your game and ensure your comfort in the game. This class involves the precision of shots and placement. The players who have learned tennis lessons for beginners can move to the next class which is designed for improvers.

Some people just rely on beginner lessons because they usually play tennis having fun with friends. But most players move on to improve their game style. And these intermediate tennis lessons greatly affect your game and tune your strokes.  

Advanced Tennis Lessons

These are tough lessons that offer a great challenge for players. To attain competency, the players have to follow advanced tennis lessons. Before starting this class, you must have a fine grip on the fundamentals of tennis. Without practicing the basics of tennis, you will not be able to take advanced tennis lessons even you can’t take a challenge. Once, you get full command of fundamentals and basic strokes then advanced tennis lessons will become easy to follow for you. 

These advanced lessons thoroughly refine your game and make you a competitor. And this class involves multiple drills and techniques that greatly improve your game.

Online Tennis Lessons

With the development of the whole world, the system of tennis lessons has also developed. Now expert coaches are providing online tennis lessons which are so good for the player who wants to learn tennis at their home. And this is a fairly good concept that helps to improve your game style without any trouble. Coaches give a bundle of lessons daily to get licensed. 

Sometimes players think online tennis lessons can really work. Yes; according to research, players learn well from visuals. And this method is a good opportunity for the players of any level. Online tennis coaching classes usually include instructional videos. To test your skills, you can record your video and then compare it with the models. 

Technical Tennis lessons – Problem Based

These lessons are about to resolve any problem or to improve any technique that students are doing wrong. The players who want to play tennis just for recreation do not need to follow a technical tennis lesson. However, for a serious player it necessary to get rid of the problem regarding any tennis technique or stroke.

Sometimes, learners face problems like in footwork, hitting the ball in front, hitting the ball with spin, or the wrong grp on the racket. And they think what needs to be done now. All these problems can easily be removed by technical tennis lessons.

Private Tennis Lessons 

Private Tennis Lessons are also known as one-on-one tennis lessons. Some students love to learn directly from a coach or expert with the restriction of a third one. For this, they need to hire an expert on a monthly basis. And this also costs too much. Whatever players pay the fee even for 30 and 60 minutes.

But this method helps the player so much because he gets timely feedback and the coach helps him to remove all the weaknesses with time. Even the players improve good tennis skills with private tennis lessons. But this type of tennis lesson is a little more expensive than the others.  

Group Tennis Lessons

Taking group tennis lessons is an affordable way to learn tennis. Group 3 or more students can easily follow these lessons and do practice with one another. The affordability of this class is one of the main reasons for what most players choose it. The cost of each lesson is shared by group members and decreases the amount for an individual.

One more convenient benefit of these lessons is that players become socially attached. And group tennis helps you to get feedback on your game from tennis buddy. This will help you to improve tennis skills. And tennis sport becomes more enthusiastic when a group participating together. So, group tennis lessons will help you to develop tennis techniques with your friends.


Tennis is not just a game of a few days it is hard to learn and to develop tennis skills. Even, it will take more than ten years to become a real professional player. With improving skills tennis involves different tennis lessons for different level players. Students can learn tennis at all levels like beginners, intermediate, and advanced.

Even the facility of taking online tennis lessons is also available for the player which is so helpful for those who want to learn tennis at home. Sometimes, students face in any technique or body position. For this, coaches provide technical tennis lessons.

Some players hire a coach and take private tennis lessons that enhance the skills early. While group tennis lessons are also a good option anyone wants to learn tennis with tennis buddy. Now it’s your turn, recognize your tennis skills and then decide which tennis lesson will be better for you.


Why tennis lessons are so expensive?

No doubt, Tennis is one of the most expensive sports due to high-quality tennis equipment and training lessons. Tennis involves different shots and techniques and you cannot learn everything by yourself. Definitely, you will need to hire an expert to enhance your tennis skills. For this, you have to pay heavy fees. That’s why tennis lessons are so expensive.

Are private tennis lessons worth it?

Private tennis lessons are more expensive than group tennis lessons because you have to hire an expert especially for you. So, no matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level player private tennis lessons are worth it. And private lessons help to improve your skills in every aspect of the game.

Can I teach myself tennis?

Up to some extent, you can teach tennis to yourself but not everything. And you can learn only some basic things with a tennis buddy. Because tennis involves many shots and techniques. If you want to become a skillful tennis player then you should hire an expert tennis coach that will teach you properly and remove your weaknesses with time. 

How much does it cost to play tennis?

The cost to play tennis depends on the location and the type of where you want to play tennis.I mean whether you are playing on an indoor court or outdoor court. The cost to play on indoor courts usually greater than indoor courts. In New York, For indoor courts, the cost ranges from $50 – $100 per person per hour. And a player who plays 3 to 4 times a week has to pay $600 for a month. That’s why tennis is an expensive sport.

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