Best Tennis Shoes for Men

Top 11 Best Tennis Shoes for Men [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

The best Tennis Shoes for men are listed here to help you get the best pair, Tennis is a vigorous game that requires expeditious activity on the court. Whether you are practicing for the upcoming match or competing on the court, you require to make turns faster with ease.

A sportsman’s feet need comfort, support, and protection at the time of the match. So, he needs to wear high-quality, robust tennis shoes. The market is flooded with sundry labels of tennis shoes. You shall find a series of variants for a product. It can make you perplexed but do not overthink it. In this article, you shall ascertain some best picks by our testers. If you want to check our last article which was about the best tennis balls, Simply You can click here.

We have probed for the best tennis shoes for men on the market. It was not easy to do. Our testers found Nike men’s court lite tennis shoes and Adidas performance men’s adizero ubersonic tennis shoes best. These two pairs of shoes are the most probed athlete products.

People conventionally look for Adidas tennis shoes. But wait, it is not the only brand that is offering good quality tennis shoes for men. There are other brands as well, competing in the market. Ok, I have verbalized enough now. Let’s take an optical canvassing of the 11 best tennis shoes for men. Excited!!

So, Here we go.

11 Best Tennis Shoes for Men’s

1. Nike Men’s Court Lite

Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoe

So Nike’s court Lite tennis shoes are super comfortable. It will not disappoint you in all its twists and turns. You will surely play a good game with enough stability on all surfaces. These tennis shoes could not be an attractive pair on the showcase, but it has great value and straightforwardly will help you in training and matches.

Its low-cut design allows natural movement on the court. These tennis shoes give extra tongues for toes and protect them from rubbing. It covers the forefeet with synthetic leather fabric upper sole. Rock on the court with a herringbone-patterned outsole with fast mobility and stability. Nike’s court lite tennis shoes are the best for training sessions and non-professional tennis events.

Key Features

  • A mesh tongue provides you with extra-ventilation and avoids sweating in the foot.
  • Made with the finest synthetic textile material
  • A Phylon midsole provides an extra comfortable protection for your foot
  • Have a durable, GDR outer sole
  • An extra addition of material for toe protection to enhance player’s movements


Brand NameNike
Colors AvailableBlack, White, and Medium Grey
Weight3 Pounds
Model No845021
  • Durability and comfortability at the same time
  • Extra cushioning
  • Mesh tongue for air puff
  • No cons

2. Adidas Men’s SoleCourt Boost Clay

Adidas Men’s SoleCourt Boost Tennis Shoe

Adidas is a well-known label in the world of sports. The company was founded in Germany but now working around the globe. A tennis player will love these durable, super comfortable, and light-weight shoes. A piece of mesh fabric on the upper foot sole allows air circulation in the sneaker and gives maximum ventilation.

a player can find a problem because of its design. A low-cut design supports optimal traction, and the midsole provides the best cushioning. This pair of shoes is for non-professional use only.

Some users reported size fitting issues. The midfoot of the shoe is narrow compared to the wider forefoot. That is why it can make a player uneasy if it does not fit your foot.

Key Features

  • Extra cushioning for heel area
  • A thermoplastic polyurethane upper surface
  • Ground adaptive
  • Herringbone outsole gives excellent traction on the court
  • Made with textile material
  • Non-marking adiwear outsole for abrasion
  • Adi Tuff outsole for toe protection


Brand NameAdidas
Colors AvailableGreen, Carbon, Orange, and White
Weight2 Pounds
  • Durable
  • Light-weight
  • Comfortable
  • Good cushioning
  • Suitable for the people with medium to high foot arch
  • Its wider forefoot and narrow midfoot can not fit for some players

3. Men’s Gamecourt Shoes by Adidas

Men’s Gamecourt Tennis Shoe

These tennis shoes are designed for extra traction and fast movement on the field. If you prefer to wear lightweight tennis shoes on the court then, Gamecourt Tennis shoes will be the best pick. This super comfortable, cozy, and light weights durable pair gives a phenomenal spin on the field.

A herringbone pattern on a rubber sole protects a player from slipping and supports extra balance. A team of researchers at Adidas works hard to make products durable and comfortable to wear for every player. This product can count as low-priced for the quality provided by Adidas. So you do not need to worry about it while buying this brand. The price will be worth it.

Key Features

  • Made with imported textile and synthetic material
  • Featured with durable rubber sole
  • A cloud foam in midsole makes you super comfortable while moving on the court
  • A TPU mesh upper sole gives breathability while moving on the court
  • Abrasion-resistant Adi Tuff material for toe protection
  • Durable and non-marking Adiwear outsole gives maximum balance on court
  • Light-weight product with excellent durability and fit


Brand NameAdidas
Colors AvailableWhite, Black, and Grey
Weight12 Ounces
  • High-performance court shoes
  • A mesh upper sole will help you to avoid sweating in the boot
  • Lightweight
  • Provides good stability while moving
  • Midsole give good cushioning to the foot
  • No cons

4. Babolat Jet Mach II Men’s Shoes

Babolat Jet Mach II Men’s Shoes

If you are wearing a Babolat Jett Mach II, then you shall feel a glove-like fit. These streams lined tennis shoes are designed to give you comfort, support, and protection. This light-weighted pair of shoes will support you to switch positions quickly on the court. The midsole of Jet Mach II has extra fill that gives a bounce while running on the court. It also more cushioning and protects your heel from injury.

It is fast-paced tennis footwear for men and gives the best traction and stability on the court. Babolat has collars for knee protection. It locks the foot into the cage and helps a player to avoid injury. This pair of shoes is good on both muddy and solid court and can wear it on matches as well. Good luck with Babolat Jett Mach II.

Key Features

  • Made of leather and synthetic rubber
  • The lightweight product provides maximum stability on the ground
  • Shoes are woven with ultra-durable polyurethane fibers
  • Upper sole is reinforced with strong fiber straps
  • Shock absorptive midsole
  • EVA pads in the midsole provide perfect heel protection and cushioning
  • A premium rubber sole reduces the abrasion


Brand NameBabolat Jet
Colors AvailableBlue, Maroon, White, and Green
Product’s Weight7-11 Ounces
ModelMach II
  • Lightweight
  • Provides good stability
  • Extra padding in the midsole provides more cushioning
  • Many users reported issues related to the size length

5. Asics Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 3

Asics Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoe

If you are going long on your feet then, Gel-Solution Speed 3 is the best pick. These are seamless lightweight shoes for athletes. This pair of shoes helps the player to maneuver fast. The technological protection system for the forefoot and rearfoot provides the best cushioning and extra bounce that takes less effort to spin on the court.

Comfortability in tennis shoes is our top priority, and this pair will not let you down. Its synthetic mesh outsole gives maximum breathability and allows the big air puff in the boot. It will keep your feet dry. Padded tongues and collars also part and enhance the comfortability of the shoes. The Collar area protects the ankle.

A solid rubber sole with a herringbone pattern provides maximum support on the tennis ground. Asics Men’s Gel-Solution Speed 3 Tennis Shoes are highly comfortable, durable, and lightweight providing best support on the ground.

Key Features

  • Made with textile leather and synthetic rubber material
  • Gel cushioning in the midsole
  • Toe protection with PGuard toe protector
  • Extra comfortable upper sole
  • Standard EVA and SpEVA midsole


Brand NameASICS
Colors AvailableWhite/Silver, Black/Silver/White, and Jewel Blue/Balck/Black
Weight15 Ounces
Model NoGel-Resolution 7M
  • Lightweight
  • Gel Pad midsole for shock absorption
  • Enhanced stability as compared to midsole made of foam
  • Quality with 3 months Warranty
  • No Cons

6. New Balance MC996

New Balance MC996 Tennis Shoe

It is a new product and took over the tennis shoes MC851 market quickly with better quality and stability. MC996 tennis shoes are softer than the previous model. These are super comfortable and provide extra cushioning to the feet that help you to move fast on the tennis court. If you have flat feet, then this pair of shoes will provide you with the best solution for feet arch. It covers the forefoot and locks it.

A thermoplastic polyurethane cage will let your flat foot change directions with ease. MC996 has a synthetic mesh upper sole for maximal air circulation in the boot. It will provide the best support to your feet for stability on all surfaces. The product is designed to provide maximum help to athletes to achieve their goals in sports.

Key Features

  • Made with 100% synthetic material
  • Strong rubber outsole
  • TPU cage for maximum support to flat feet
  • Herringbone pattern on the outsole for better stability
  • Extra space for the toe to wiggle


Brand NameNew Balance
Colors AvailableGreen and White
Weight3 Pounds
Model NoMC996
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for flat feet players
  • Enhanced breathability
  • TPU cage protects the ankle
  • Maximum endurance for both mud and hard grounds
  • No cons

7. K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express

K-Swiss Men’s Hypercourt Express Shoe

Hypercourt gives the fastest pace, enhanced stability, and super comfortability.  

The upper sole of this pair of shoes is made with a mesh fabric that provides enhanced ventilation. It is the best solution for the players who have more sweat than usual in the feet. This feature outclasses the hyper-court express tennis shoes among all. The shoes have a low-cut design to support natural movement on the court.

A shock absorptive midsole with a molded insole provides extra cushioning to the foot, thus comfortability enhanced. A strong rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern helps you to stay stable while running on the tennis court. Hypercourt Express is the best tennis shoe for men. Make individuality on the court with these and shine.

Key Features

  • Synthetic mesh upper sole
  • Strong Austa and Dragguard rubber outsole with enhanced stability
  • EVA midsole provides extra cushioning for feet
  • Extra cushioning layer on the insole


Brand NameK-Swiss
Colors AvailableNeon Yellow, Grey, White, Red, Blue, Lollipop black, Neon Green, Neon Blaze
Product’s Weight3 Pounds
  • Double layered cushioning
  • Player turns effortlessly
  • Provides the best support to midfoot
  • Gives support at maximum pace
  • Highly durable and suitable for intense games
  • Lightweight product
  • People are complaining for mesh fabric on upper sole

8. Prince T22 Shoes

Prince T22 Shoes

It is a renowned tennis shoe for men and is popular for its durability and cushioning. It has always been a favorite for tennis players. T22 tennis shoes give comfort to the foot with wider space to fit. The upper sole is soft and supports turning fastly.

It has pores for ventilation. Its midsole has extra fill for better cushioning, thus enhancing the protection and comfortability during movement. It stands first for the durability of the rubber outsole. It provides a wider foot area and toe box than others. It gives good traction on the court and helps you to play at a faster pace. This pair of shoes will become a favorite in no time. It is best for practicing or training.

Key Features

  • Wider toe box
  • Shock-absorptive midsole
  • PU forefoot
  • Provides above average cushioning
  • Mesh fabric on the upper sole for better breathability
Brand Name Prince
Colors Available Black, White and Navy Blue
Product’s Weight 3 Pounds
  • Lightweight
  • Booty structure covers the foot area at maximal
  • Super comfortable
  • Good fit
  • Long lasting outsole
  • No Cons

9. Nike Vapor Court-9 Shoes for Men

Nike Vapor Court-9 Shoes

This low-cut designed tennis shoe gives a simple and modern look at the same time. The upper sole is made with synthetic split leather that is agile. The midsole is designed to support the principles of natural motion. A GDR rubber outsole with a herringbone pattern avoids the abrasion and gives stability.

Nike Vapor Court is highly recommended for flat feet players. There is an additional that you can replace the insole according to your feet arches. You won’t find any other tennis shoes in the market with all the features at affordable prices. It fits well in the feet. If you are looking for an economical product, then Nike Vapor Court is the best choice. Just go to the market and purchase them without any hesitation.

Key Features

  • The synthetic leather material upper sole
  • GDR rubber outsole with herringbone pattern
  • Low cut design for natural movement
  • Replaceable insoles


Brand NameNike
Color AvailableBlack, White, and Wolfy Grey
Product’s Weight1 Pound
Product’s Model631703
  • Highly comfortable
  • Optimal foot support
  • Available at affordable prices
  • Offers fast maneuverability
  • Can wear at training and competitions
  • Great for the players with flatfeet
  • Replaceable insole for medium and high arch feet
  • Poor ventilation

10. Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis Shoes

Adidas Men’s Approach Tennis Shoes

You may not be convinced of its looks, but it is one of the best tennis shoes for men. It has a sturdy design, but you shall like a stylish upper sole. Well, looks do not always matter. What we prefer for our shoes is quality.

The agile upper sole is made of synthetic leather, which is pierced for ventilation. An ADIWEAR, non-marking rubber outsole supports grip on the ground. EVA bubbles in the midsole will give you some bounce for effortless motion on the ground. Additionally, its ankle collar and tongue are padded that enhance comfortability, so you shall not be tired or rubbing on your feet. Wear it for training and professional matches with confidence.

Key Features

  • Leather made shoes
  • Pierced upper sole for ventilation
  • ADIWEAR Outsole
  • EVA Midsole
  • Tongue and ankle collars are filled for extra cushioning


Brand NameAdidas
Colors AvailableWhite with Metallic Silver, White with Night Black and White with Scarlet red and Core Black
Product’s Weight3 Pounds
Product’s ModelApproach
  • Available at affordable prices
  • Lightweight and durable
  • EVA foam in midsole gives extra protection to the ankle
  • No Cons

11. Wilson Men’s Amplifeel

Wilson Men’s Amplifeel Tennis Shoe

Unusual high ankle support design, but it is not a baseball shoe. It is completely out of tradition. Its upper sole is designed with the idea of high ankle support on the ground with its best. If you are going long, then Wilson Men’s Amplifeel tennis shoes are the best selection.

It’s a low to the ground design that will allow the aggressive players to stand long and play fast on the court. It secures feet in the explosive movements of the player. A durable outsole, built-in socks, and technological control give perfect protection and super comfort. Just lace up your shoes and get off to the tennis court. Wilson Men’s  Ampifeel is the best tennis shoe for men that can work well on all kinds of surfaces.

Key Features

  • High ankle support
  • Low to the ground design
  • Glide control technology for the best coverage at court
  • Abrasion-resistant outsole
  • Inbuilt sock enhances comfortably


Brand NameWilson
Colors AvailableBlack and Soaking Orange
Product’s Weight3 Pounds
  • Suitable for all types of courts
  • The durable outsole gives maximum traction
  • Gives support at a fast pace
  • Full ankle cover enhances the comfortability
  • No Cons

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Buying Guide

Tennis requires high energy. A sportsman covers the court with speed while chasing for the tennis ball. The contestant needs more traction, stability, and comfortability regardless of training matches or professional events. Quality will be the top priority of any player, so it does not let you down on the ground and provide maximum support to achieve your dream. People have trusted some brands unconditionally like Nike, and Adidas. Athletes are looking for Adidas tennis shoes more often. When choosing a tennis shoe, a player will consider the product’s brand, quality, price, and reputation.

You must choose a brand that provides the best quality in high-energy sport. This is the same thing which we covered Tennis racquets review guide, Some famous brands are Adidas, Nike, Babolat, Wilson, ASICS, and New Balance. Then, it comes to price. Good quality tennis shoes for men are usually high prices like Nike men’s court lite tennis shoes, and Adidas performance men’s adizero ubersonic tennis shoes.

But do not lose heart, I have mentioned some economically affordable tennis shoes above. You can also find different series of shoes at cheap prices. At last, you must check for the reputation of the brand that you have selected to purchase. You can do it in different ways, like see online reviews or meet a person who already uses the same product, etc.

Things to Look For While Picking Tennis Shoes

The market is flooded with different brands of tennis shoes. All of them claim the highest quality and durability. Some are low-priced tennis shoes, while others are high priced. The brands are competing with each other making buyers and sportsmen confused. But no worries, I am here to tell you. I searched and glued some main features together that you should take care of while picking up a pair for you. Here we go.

Meterial – First of all, you must know about the material that is used for making tennis shoes. Textiles, synthetics, foam, and rubber are important materials used in shoemaking. For tennis shoes, you should look for a durable material that stays undamaged with high activity, and provides support to the ankle. Tennis is a game in which a player moves energetically, twists, and turns quickly, so the material should withstand friction in speed and the surface of the court.

Durability – Durability means resilience, ability to withstand damage. Tennis shoes should be sturdy. So, it can go a long and will also save you the hassle of buying new shoes over and over again.

Comfortability – Tennis is a vigorous sport. For such tedious plays, you need shoes that can fit your feet and provide comfort at high. While buying tennis shoes, make sure that you are picking a pair of shoes that provide maximum ventilation and allow the air circulation for breathability to the foot. Also, it should not hurt or rub your feet.

Outsole – It should be thick and durable. An outsole gets directly in touch with the ground. You shall find tennis shoes in lighter and thicker outsoles in the market. Try to pick that one which is better adaptive to your court. Some outsoles have herringbone patterns, while others have non-marking ADIWEAR outsole. The thing you need to do is choose a pair of shoes that will support you best on the surface with a specific outsole.

Midsole A good cushioning is important for high-performance during the tennis game. For this, the midsole of a tennis shoe must be filled or padded appropriately. Otherwise, without cushioning, it would be hard to perform on the court, and it can even hurt your feet. Cushioning should cover all sides of the insole and tongue (toe). In the market, you shall find different types of midsole made of foam, EVA bubbles, and gel. All of them provide cushion to the feet but at different levels. Gel pad cushion is the most comfortable one.

Insole The insole provides the support to your feet as it gets directly in touch with your feet. Try to choose a shoe that fits the length of your foot. This would help to move sharply in the court. Insoles are made to support the foot arches. Don’t panic if you have flat feet. Tennis shoes for flat feet players are also available in the market.

Final Words

In this article, I tried to make you familiar with different tennis shoe brands with specifications and features. In presenting those products, I took care of the features and considerations that an athlete must look for while selecting a pair of shoes for him. You can assuredly pick any of them. I included the products from the most durable and trusted brands. There are different versions of the same product, so you should not be confused about it.

I discussed only one of its versions. If you are planning to buy a different then, you must take care of the buying instructions that I have detailed. It will help you to select the best option. Good Luck! Comment in the section below, and tell us about your tennis shoes. How did you find the best one for you? How is it going? Which new pair of shoes are you planning to purchase?

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