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Top 7 Best Tennis Grips in 2022 [Ultimate Reviews]

Once you have decided on your tennis racquet, it’s time to choose one of the best tennis grips. To determine the best one would be difficult. The reason is, a lousy grip leads your game to failure. That’s why it is hard to get a perfect one. Did you think that why a tennis grip is essential?

 When you are playing tennis, a tennis grip lets you grab the tennis racquets securely and firmly. Also, most of the grips absorb sudden shocks and sweat. It made your hand remain dry while playing.

So before making a purchase, you should consider all the essential factors that complete your requirements.

Trust your game on the best tennis grips. Without further delay, let’s get started!

List of 7 Best Tennis Grips

Image Product Details   Price
1 (3) Trust your game on the best tennis grips • Comes with Sweat absorption material
• It becomes tackier
• Makes your hands dry
• Comfortable to grip
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2 (1) Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Grips • Offers maximum durability
• Easy to fit
• Moisture absorbing
• Well-cushioned
• Enhance playing time
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3 (2) Senston New Racquet Grip • Good quality PU material
• Sweat-absorbent and water-resistant
• Protect and prolong the life of racquets
• Raised edge for enhanced grip
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4 (2) Wilson Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip • Non-perforated
• Comfortable grip
• Hand-friendly
• More control
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5 (2) Yonex Super Grap • Enhances the playability
• Excellent control and feel
• Tacky/sticky feel
• Offers superior grip
• Comes with 30 grips per pack
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6 (2) Wilson 2015 Cushion-Aire Classic Feel Contour Grip • Raised edge on the grip
• Enhanced feel
• Comes with Cushion Aire
• Available in back
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7 (1) HEAD Prestige Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip • Specially engineered polyurethane elastomer
• Offers maximum tackiness
• Comes with three per pack
• Without slippery issues
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1. Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip

If you are looking for sweaty hands grip, the Tourna Grip XL Original Dry Feel Tennis Grip is one of our highest recommendations.

Best Tennis Grips

The reason for its popularity is its higher performance on the court. It is specially designed by keeping professional standards in mind. It can be used at any level of the player even including grand slam champions.

Its material gets thicker, the more your hands are sweaty. Due to these features, it works efficiently against slippery hands. While using this grip tape, there is no need to worry about any slippage issues.

Unlike bulkier tapes, this grip tape is thinner. For those who don’t want to play with clumpy grip tapes, it would be a perfect solution.

Additionally, this tennis grip tape absorbs moisture and added extra dryness. This feature takes away all the sweat and provides a comfortable grip without too much padding. When you’ll hit the tennis ball with this grip, you’ll feel the importance of this grip.

What’s more? It comes with 10 XL grips per pack. It’s a huge deal for the price. Also, Blue is its Federally registered trademark color.

Also, this is not ideal for tennis racquets but also for basketball bats, badminton racquets, pickleball paddles, squash racquets, racquets, dumbbells, ping pong paddles, golf grips, rowing, and more.

Last but not least, this grip tape is an ideal choice for larger gripped racquets. It needs a little practice to get on correctly.

  • Sweat absorption material
  • More sweat, it becomes tackier
  • Keeps your hands dry
  • Thin and comfortable to grip
  • Durability is no longer
  • Can be too short for larger racquets

2. Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Grips

Next up, we have Gamma Sports Tennis Racquet Grips. One of the high-performance grips, the Gamma comes with everything that you would need in a grip. That’s why it is one of the best tennis grips.

Best Tennis Grips

This model has enough amount of padding. Due to cushioned texture, it helps to absorb all moisture wicking. However, there is a slight beveling on the grip, but it enables you to rule on the court.

As far as padding is concerned, it would be a problem if your racquet has a bulkier grip. The reason is, with high cushioning, these tennis grips may size up your grip. Some users require a secure tennis grip size.

Thus, for those who have already the biggest grips on the racquet, this model would be problematic. It is not ideal for them because it may size up your grip, so you feel comfortable while playing for hours.

Due to the moderate amount of padding, this model by Gamma is a perfect choice for those players who don’t want too much tack.

Indeed, it is one of the best tennis grips. It wouldn’t get slippery when your hands get sweaty. However, after extreme use of a few months, its outer lining flakes off.

So, if you are a regular player, this tennis grip is leading-edge gear. We highly recommend it because of cutting edge features.

  • Moisture absorbing
  • Well-cushioned
  • Offers maximum durability
  • Easy to fit
  • Enhance playing time
  • Due to much cushioning, can make your grip bigger
  • It can be broken down easily

3. Senston New Racquet Grip

The Senston New Racquet Grip offers enhanced grip and decreases shocks due to anti-slip properties. It let you play comfortably.

Best Tennis Grips

This tennis grip comes in five vibrant colors so that you can choose your favorite one. This feature is useful for those players who have multiple racquets. It let you get extra grip tape on hand.

Unlike traditional grips, it is a unique one. You would see there is no tacky surface. Even if your hands get wet, their upper surface doesn’t change.

However, we have tested this tennis grip. We found if it gets sticky because of sweat, then this feature can create a problem. In such a case, you shouldn’t use it.

Thus, it would not be recommended for those who have excessively sweaty hands.

Aside from its little weakness, this model enhances sweat absorption. With anti-slip properties, it ensures lossless batting strength. Also, it protects your racket. In terms of durability, it prolongs the life of the racquet.

Additionally, there is a perforated lining on its outer surface. This lining ensures to absorb away most of the sweat that your hands produce. Also, the thickness of the lining ensures the secure grip of this tennis best grip tape.

Last but not least, this tennis grip is ideal for tennis racquets, badminton racquets, and more. It is also suitable for fishing rods, bike handlebars, motorbike handlebars, etc.

  • Super absorbent
  • Rich padding
  • Raised bevels
  • Comfortable to use
  • No tack
  • According to users, it gets slippery

4. Wilson Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip

Next up, the Wilson Ultra Wrap tennis Overgrip is one of the basic grips. Without perforation on its upper, it is designed in a different style. There are no moisture-wicking properties as other over wraps have.

Best Tennis Grips

It is ideal for those who want a smoother tennis grip surface. This feature is typically less in most of the moisture-wicking perforated types of wraps as we have tested.

When it comes to the design, it doesn’t affect the performance. It ensures that the upper surface doesn’t get sticky. Also, it reduces slippage issues.

Additionally, this model doesn’t show any dirt or grime as most of the colored wraps can do.

What’s more? This tennis wrap makes a comfortable hold. It is extremely durable with a soft touch. It allows you to get up to three sets per pack.

Wilson is one iconic brand when it comes to the best tennis grips. This brand is popular due to its product’s quality. This one is out of the best tennis grips available on the market.

Overall, the Wilson Ultra Wrap Tennis Overgrip is a basic wrap. There is no need for cushioning featured. That’s why it functions as expected with good quality.

  • Non-perforated
  • Comfortable grip
  • Hand-friendly
  • More control
  • Without cushioning

5. Yonex Super Grap

Here we have the Yonex Super Grap. It is one of those tennis grips that offer a lower price. It is designed to go over the grip of your tennis racquets.

Best Tennis Grips

This model has one long piece. It allows you to cut to the length that you need. When you unwrap the box, it has three strips inside.

However, if you don’t apply it correctly, there is enough tape that is ideal for two and a half racquets. Well, the performance and functionality of this one of tennis racquet grips tape are excellent at such an affordable price.

It quickly absorbs the shocks. It is tacky while remaining soft. Even if there is high humidity in the weather, it doesn’t get slippery. Your hands would stay dry.

However, there are a few users that don’t like its colors. Due to the brightening colors, it tended to flake off underuse.

Additionally, there is no texture or beveling. However, this feature may not like by most of the users. But some users want without beveling and textures grips.

Also, it is worth noting that this tennis grip leaves an unpleasant residue on your original hold. We have tested it. It is different than other grips that we have been used.

Thus, if you do purchase, you should prepare for extra cleaning. Aside from these little weaknesses, it is one of the best tennis grips available on the internet.

  • Soft feel
  • Tacky
  • Shock absorbent
  • Hard to replace
  • Can flake off

6. Wilson 2015 Cushion-Aire Classic Feel Contour Grip

Best Tennis Grips

Another one of the best tennis grips, the Wilson 2015 Cushion-Aire Classic Feel Contour Grip is doing a great job. This wrap comes with a great cushion on your racquet.

It is so spongy. There is much padding. That’s why it is best for larger grips. If you prefer to get a larger grip, then it is a perfect choice for you.

Out of the most amazing features, it has Cushion Aire. Due to this feature, it has a perforated surface. It is designed to increase the moisture absorbency of the grip.

Also, the perforation and the absorbency feature are great for sweaty hands. Due to the tacky surface, it provides a secure grip. It makes sure that you don’t lose your handle even in aggressively sweating.

Additionally, this tennis grip has some light beveling. It is something that lets you grab your racquet securely.

Overall, this wrap by Wilson has everything that you need in a tennis grip. We highly suggest it if you are looking for one of the best tennis grips, it is good to choose from.

  • Ribbed
  • Secure to grab
  • Absorbent material
  • Tacky touch
  • So spongy
  • Increase your grip size

7. HEAD Prestige Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip

Last but not least, the HEAD Prestige Pro Tennis Racquet Overgrip is similar to others. This tennis grip is thicker. It makes you sure that you don’t lose your grip while playing.

Best Tennis Grips

Even it is thicker, it has less cushioning. If you are looking for something that will soften the hardness of your tennis grip, then it is not suitable for you.

But there are some users that don’t like the lack of cushioning. Apart from it, if you prefer a firm grip, this tennis racquet grip tape works ideally for you.

Another thing which we liked the most, this model is long-lasting. It doesn’t give you a few hours of playing.

What’s else? This wrap comes in black color. Due to the specially engineered polyurethane elastomer, it offers a punchy feel. Also, it is one of the long-lasting tennis grips.

Additionally, this wrap comes with three per pack.

Overall, if you are looking for the best tennis racquet grip that offers high durability and functionality, then do look further. It is best from the rest.

  • Tacky material
  • No slippage issue
  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable firm feel
  • Lack of cushioning
  • Can be hard


What Are the Best Tennis Grips?

There are many tennis grips we have reviewed above, but the question is which is better to purchase for me. Are you looking for our suggestions? That’s great! We are here to guide you. Several things should be considered at the time of purchasing racquet grips.

First of all, the material of the grip matters. When you are paying the right amount to purchase a grip for your tennis racquet, then it is necessary to have a durable one in your hands.

Secondly, the comfort of your hands also matters. So, the best tennis grip should be comfortable and easy to grip. Cushioning makes a perfect comfortable grip. But it should also be lightweight. So, you have to analyze both these things at the same time.

Lastly, the price should be affordable according to your budget. So, if you find some grip from the above list according to your budget and requirements, then don’t wait but buy it confidently.

Can These for Use All the Tennis Racquets?

Yes, these grips are for all tennis racquets. As we reviewed several grips of different brands, so, these grips from all brands can be used for all tennis racquets.

The Conclusion

All in all, we have listed the best tennis grips. All of these models are great to get high performance. We assure you these tennis grips improve your performance. So, consider your needs and choose the best one. However, if you need any help, then you can drop a comment below. We are always here to help you. Thank you for visiting us!

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