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Top 9 Best Tennis Balls in 2022 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Not only the best tennis racquet is important, but there is also a need to get the best tennis balls when you are serious about playing tennis.

If you are looking for the best tennis balls, here we have the top tennis balls that really steer your game in your favor. In the last guide, We cover the topic of the best tennis racquet for beginners, You may also check that hope it’ll also help you a lot.

However, there is some certain aspect that you should need to figure out. That’s we have a buying guide for you so you can make a reliable purchase that suits your needs. Lets’ go through the article!

List of 9 Best Tennis Balls in 2022

Image Product Details   Price
Best Wilson US Open 3 Tennis Ball Wilson US Open 3 Ball Can • Premium Tex/Tech felt
• Optimal performance even on hard courts
• Since 1978, Wilson has been the official ball of the U.S. Open
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Best Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis Ball Penn Championship Regular Duty • Interlock wool fibre
• Higher performance on all courts
• Deep elastic reduces cracking
• Natural rubber construction
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Best Wilson Championship Regular and Extra Duty Tennis Ball Wilson Championship Regular and Extra Duty Tennis Balls • Made in the USA
• Approved by USTA and ITF
• Exclusive Dura-weave felt
• Improved performance and consistency
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Best Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball  Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball  • Deep-elastic seams
• Official balls of the USTA leagues
• For all courts
• Available in multiple cases
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Best Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball • Consistent bounce for the life of the ball
• Extra durable belt
• Last a long time
• Regulation size and bounce
• High-quality pressureless balls per bag
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Best Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Ball Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls • Longer lasting balls
• USTA and ITF approved ball
• All surface felt
• Offers ultimate performance
Check Price
Best Wilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty Tennis Ball Wilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty Ball Case • Perfect for clay, indoor and grass courts
• U.S. Open Ball
• Regular Duty felt
• Durable
Check Price
Best Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Ball Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls • Longest lasting tennis ball
• Ideal for clay or indoor courts
• Optimum visibility due to Smart optic
• Three balls per can/24 cans per case
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Best Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls • Deep elastic shell reduces cracking
• Gives consistent nap
• Reduces shocks
• Interlocked wool fiber
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1. Wilson US Open 3 Ball Can

Say hello to the U.S. Open 3 Ball Can by Wilson. Since1979, Wilson tennis balls are popular to date. It is the only brand that earned the honor of being the “Official Ball of U.S. Open”.

The balls are known as the toughest tennis balls. These are made of high-quality material which is unbeatable. The wool material is woven into a thickened layer outside. The denser is also durable.

Unlike other models, these balls offer maximum time with great consistency. Another thing that we like about them is the premium Tex/Tech touch. Due to this touch, the balls swing on the court perfectly.

Additionally, the design adds more accuracy to your shots on the courts. Especially, the balls are great on the hard courts. Having said that, the Wilson US Open extra duty tennis balls are all-courter.

Besides, the one pack contains 24 cans which are a total of 72 balls inside. Right out of the box, the balls are ready to play. With the Wilson logy, the balls have a soft texture.

Last but not least, there are three variations available such as regular Duty, extra Duty, and high altitude to choose from.

  • Heavy-duty balls
  • Ideal for hard courts
  • Premium quality material
  • Provide unparalleled consistency
  • Balls are less bouncy on soft courts as compared to hard courts

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2. Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls

Now we have the best tennis balls by Penn. The balls come in different variations at such an affordable price range.

To enhance consistency, these balls feature a natural rubber core. Throughout the playing session, the balls ensure consistent bounce.

There features deep elastic that increases bounce as well as durability. Besides, the balls are made on all types of surfaces.

Additionally, it has a built-in interlocked function. It added the longer wear as well as increased the performance level regardless of the court.

Plus, this model reduces the cracking due to the deep elastic feature. Unlike other models in this price, it helps in dampening the cracking.

What makes the ball more valuable? This ball by Penn has held the honor of the Official ball of USTA leagues. The Penn ATP tennis balls are approved by USTA and ITF. 

Additionally, these are available in regular Duty felt, extra duty high altitude and extra Duty felt.

However, this tennis ball is the most durable. Besides its consistency, it is a perfect tennis ball to be played on the toughest courts and all indoor and outdoor courts such as softer, clay, and more.

Above all, this model by Penn has set the standards. It provides smooth consistency and playability every time you step onto the court.

  • Available multiple options
  • Minimize cracking
  • Reduce shocks
  • Durable material
  • Poor packaging

3. Wilson Championship Regular and Extra Duty Tennis Balls

One of the best tennis balls in 2021, the Wilson Championship Regular and Extra Duty Tennis ball is available on the market.

This ball is specially designed to be played on the toughest surfaces of the courts. It is featuring heavy Duty felt so that you can easily play on hard courts.

Due to the Dura-Weave feature, it makes the ball the most durable. Besides, it performs exceptionally on the courts.

What makes it more worthwhile? This ball is also used in NCAA Tennis, U.S. Open, and Australian Open Grand Slam Championship.

 To enhance the functionality, this ball has extra duty construction. It doesn’t only increase its lifespan but prevent it from getting deform after some time as well.

Additionally, there are many players that appreciate the level of performance of this ball. It is because of the Dura-Weave felt.

 Moreover, this is one of those balls that are perfect for tournaments. Also, it allows you to be played as recreational play.

Besides, the woven on its outer side makes it bright. This ball is one of the best tennis balls for wet conditions so you can give exceptionally anytime on the court.

Overall, this mode performs matchlessly. It offers you unmatched consistency, a premium look, and higher performance. We recommend it for recreational players as well as high school players.

  • Perfect for hard courts
  • Can be good on wet conditions
  • Gives high performance
  • Long-lasting material
  • Higher price

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4. Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball 

Want a different color? Let’s meet with the Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball. The pink-colored tennis balls look appealing.

Basically, the Penn manufacturers teamed up with ACS (American Cancer Society). Both brands aim to promote awareness of breast cancer. That’s why these tennis balls have a pink color.

The balls are made of high-quality material in the USA. The premium-grade wool is well stitched like the higher ends models. Thus, it is one of the longest-lasting tennis balls.

Besides, there are three tennis balls in each can. Also, each tennis ball is printed with the Penn logo. This felt also repels water up to 70%. It won’t tear easily.

Additionally, there features controlled fiber. Due to this feature, it releases a consistent nap. To reduce the cracking, it has a built-in deep-elastic feature.

When it comes to construction, these balls have natural rubber material. It minimizes the shocks and feels consistent regardless of the court types. Whether it’s indoor, clay, or hard, soft.

To sum up, this model by Penn gives you a smooth playing experience. It is noticeably lightweight, a solid tennis ball, and a little on the pricey side.

  • Crafted with champion quality balls
  • Pink colour promotes breast cancer
  • Premium grade wood weaved
  • Ideal for all courts
  • Reduces shocks and cracks
  • Users dislike the color

5. Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball

Next up, we have another best tennis ball, its Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball. It is made of premium quality material that is not pressurized.

These balls are made of non-toxic material. It is one of the most durable felt which is built to last long. Also, for added more convenience, it is free from any wear. Since it is one of the longest-lasting tennis balls.

Unlike other models, these balls won’t go flat. With premium-quality balls, it offers you to hit for hours without any hassle. The bounce never loses up regardless of any court surface.

In fact, not all tennis balls are created as equal. There are the regulation size as well as bounce to regulation height. However, you should know that pressureless balls are smaller in size than regular balls.

Plus, this model provides the same consistency for the life of the ball impressively.

Additionally, there are variations of packs available. These include 60 packs of balls, 50 balls plus a tote bag, 48 ball buckets, 18 packs plus mesh bags, and 12 packs. 

To wrap up, it is ideal for practice, ball throwing machines, or playing indoor/outdoor.

If you want to get an extra tennis bag for yourself as well, then you can check out our 2nd Guide as well.

  • Extreme durable
  • Won’t lose shape or bounce
  • Premium quality material
  • Great bounce
  • Disgusting smells

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6. Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls

Here we have the Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls. It is designed with premium quality material. This ball meets all the standards of pro-level players as well as recreational tennis athletes.

Basically, this tennis ball has been manufactured for U.S. players. It offers optimal performance on all the courts. Due to Dunlop’s exclusive Durafelt cloth technology, this ball enhances more durability.

Indeed, this ball is built to last. There is no matter which surface you play; it will not lose its shape. Also, there are many balls that often get abrasion due to the hardcourt. But this ball can easily withstand hard surfaces.

Additionally, this ball is approved by ITF and USTA for the league as well as tournament play.

Out of the amazing features, this ball offers exclusive performance. It offers you to make faster shots. Also, it seems bouncier and spins better on the court.

Besides, if you want to get the ultimate in performance and durability. With MaxGlo felt, it is more bright than regular balls.

However, this ball is recommended for beginners to develop skills and confidence.

Above all, this model is offering exceptional playability. It is well-built and great for the price.

  • Case of 24 cans with three balls each inside
  • Add more speed
  • Durable felt
  • Value for price
  • The packaging is not great

7. Wilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty Ball Case

The Wilson WRT1073CS is one of the best tennis balls for clay courts. It is made of Tex Tech high-quality material. Its material adds not only flexibility as well as durability. Also, it added extra bounce.

If you want to have superior playability on the tennis court, this model by Wilson is great. It adds smooth consistency to all types of courts. Its wrapper around is yellow.

It is specially designed for clay and indoor court surfaces. But we have tested it, it is also great for hard surfaces.

This brand lets you play with this ball on extremely high altitude courts which are over 3500 ft. The design is yet as attractive as possible. Also, it is approved by both ITF and USTA.

Additionally, it comes with whole packs which contain 24 cans that are a total of 72 balls. Indeed, the balls are ready out of the box.

Besides, Wilson offers you to buy ten or more cases so you will get free shipping.

Last but not least, these balls are made of exclusive woven felt from Tex Tech. It offers high playability, great durability, and smooth consistency.

  • Heavy-duty tennis balls
  • Superior playability
  • High durability
  • Ideal for clay, indoor and grass courts
  • Less bouncy on soft courts

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8. Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls

Another one of the longest-lasting tennis balls, is the Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls. Also, this ball is no one choice of USPTA teaching professionals.

One of the biggest reasons for its popularity is Penn’s Encore Technology. Due to this technology, it gives you the best playing experience on the court. These balls are more durable and increase better playability.

Unlike other tennis balls, this ball uses Smart Optik felt. It increases the ball visibility on all the courts. Whether the spectators or players, this ball lets you shoot with more accuracy.

When it comes to the warp around the felt, it uses a regular duty. It is perfect for soft courts such as grass, Omni, carpet, and clay.

However, there are many people that found this ball perfect on hard courts.

Encore Technology, adds more visibility and durability. Besides, each pack contains 24 cans in a case.

Above all, if you are looking for the high tenacity long play felt for extended play, then this ball is best among all. Also, it is the best tennis ball for clay courts. 

  • Most durable tennis balls
  • Offers outstanding performance
  • Provides more visibility
  • Premium quality material
  • It may feel flat sometime

9. Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Now we have the Regular Duty Felt Pressurized Tennis Balls by Penn. The balls offer higher performance at such an affordable price. Nonetheless, the balls are widely popular in America.

The balls added playability as well as consistency on the courts. Also, these are ideal to play on clay, indoor, and other soft surfaces.

There features an exclusively controlled fiber. It gives a well-consistent nap. These balls are made for a consistent feel. Its material reduces the shocks.

Out of the best features, these balls give you a comfortable hitting experience each time you play.  

Such like other Penn tennis balls, this gear is also featured with interlocked wool fiber. It ensures you prevent the balls from abrasion as well as wear.

Another great thing about them is, they are approved by ITF and USTA. There are three variations available. These include regular Duty, extra Duty felt, and high altitude felt.

Unlike other balls, the Penn brand uses a natural rubber core. The outer shell gives a consistent feel to the courts. Indeed, this feature ensures to stop the shocks.

Besides, if you want to improve your performance level and get consistent playing, then this ball is one of the best tennis balls for astroturfs.

Moreover, the balls are available in multiple cases. The several cases size included up to 24 cans with 72 balls in total.

  • No abrasion
  • Reduces shocks
  • Consistent feel
  • Extremely affordable
  • It may get flat after some uses

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The Buyer’s Guide

How to Choose the Best Tennis Ball?

It is important to consider the needed aspects when it comes to the best tennis balls. Whether you are a professional or beginner, the tennis ball can break or make your game.

Therefore, you should choose a ball that fits your needs. It is also one of the basic essentials of the game.

The tennis balls may appear the same, but each of the balls has different designs. The main important thing is, it can affect your game or play style.

That’s why we have compiled the basic aspects that you will need to look at before choosing the right tennis gear that completes your needs.

Types of Tennis Balls

The tennis balls have three types to choose between. Each type is designed for a particular playstyle. However, the playstyle includes professional level, champion level, and recreational level.

If you want to practice, then the recreation tennis balls are perfect for you. While the league matches use the Championship balls, these are relatively expensive. Thirdly, the pro-level tennis athletes use professional-grade balls which are made of the highest quality material.

Pressureless or Pressurized

The next aspect that you should need to look at is the tennis ball pressurized or pressureless. When it comes to pressureless tennis balls, it is commonly best for beginners. Also, it is perfect for recreational play or practice. These tennis balls have rubber construction which is not air-filled inside.

However, the benefits are, these type of balls prevents from losing the bounce level. We have tested this ball gets more bouncy over time. Also, the balls are more durable than other types. Besides, the downside of these balls is, they are heavy. Also, these might be a little harder to play for you.  

On the other hand, pressurized tennis balls are commonly used in tournaments. These have internal air inside. Due to the internal air pressure for a bounce, these are more speedy and spin. However, these balls lose the bounce gradually and spin as the air pressure declines.

We have tested the pressurized balls. These balls will last up to three weeks. If they have poor construction, then last for only a single match.

Regular Duty vs Extra Duty Balls

This tennis balls type depends on the court surface where you play on. The Extra Duty Balls are perfect for the court surfaces that are hard. Also, the balls prevent abrasion and wear as well.

Whereas, the soft, indoor, or clay tennis courts can opt for regular duty balls.

High Altitude

To get an extremely high-quality felt, the high-altitude tennis balls are perfect. These are manufactured with premium-grade material. The ITF considers 4000 ft or higher for this type of tennis ball. These balls are specially designed for such courts which helps to minimize the common issues. Also, the balls added more comfort to your game.


Do tennis balls go flat?

The pressurized tennis balls start going flat over time. Therefore, professional matches change the tennis balls every nine matches.

Why do tennis players bounce the ball so much?

The tennis player bounces the ball on the court to get into the flow. Also, the bouncing allows the player to get an idea of how it will bounce off travel. That’s why the players bounce the ball.

Which are the best tennis balls?

– Wilson US Open 3 Ball Can
– Penn Championship Regular Duty Tennis Balls
– Wilson Championship Regular and Extra Duty Tennis Balls
– Penn Pink Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball
– Tourna Pressureless Tennis Ball
– Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls
– Wilson WRT1073CS US Open Regular Duty Ball Case
– Pro Penn Marathon Regular Duty Tennis Balls
– Penn Championship Extra Duty Tennis Balls

Winding Up

We provided the best tennis balls reviews with a detailed guide so you can choose the best one according to your level. Besides, If you need any help, put a comment below. Best of luck to get the best out of the best!

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