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7 Best Tennis Ball Machines in 2022 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

Want to take your game to the next level? The best tennis ball machines are listed below to help you.

It is not an easy task to improve your skills in the tennis game. It requires a consistent practice that is only possible with someone around you. Some help you to make shots faster. It is only possible with the best tennis ball machines.

If you are looking for one of the best tennis ball machines to improve your skills or learn different tricky shots, then these models help you exceptionally.

Besides, we assure you these tennis ball machines are high-rated on Amazon. As you know last time we discuss the best tennis balls But Some people did a special request for us to write a detailed guide on tennis machines. So, this is a special guide for them 🙂 These are efficient and make your practice easier. Let’s get straight into the best tennis ball machines!

List of 7 Best Tennis Ball Machines

Image Product Details   Price
Best Tennis Ball Machines Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine  • Easy to transfer and safe
• Multiple ways to control the machine
• Flexible power connection options
• Fully programmable drills
• Best tennis machine to improve your game
Check Price
Best Tennis Ball Machines Lobster Sports-Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine • Easy to use, move, store
• Extend court time
• Charge faster
• Versatile tennis ball machine
• Enhances features at a lower price
Check Price
Best Tennis Ball Machines Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine • Comes with knob controllable
• Easy to use even for kids
• Flexible power options available
• Easy to transfer and store
• Includes 2 buttons remote with battery charger
Check Price
Best Tennis Ball Machines Lobster Sports Elite One Tennis Ball Machine • Advanced features improve performance
• Longest-lasting battery life
• Corner to corner full sweep
• Easy to use features
• Take control ultimate power
Check Price
Best Tennis Ball Machines Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four Tennis Ball Machine • Comes with six pre-loaded drills
• Fully random oscillation
• Two-line feature
• Translucent ball hopper
• Optional accessories available
Check Price
Best Tennis Ball Machines Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine • Adjustable ball speed
• Random oscillation
• Shot selection from groundstrokes to high lobs
• Delivery time and height adjustment
• High efficient
Check Price
Best Tennis Ball Machines Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine • Portable and lightweight
• Rechargeable battery
• Takes less time to charge with a fast charger
• Built-in oscillator
Check Price

1- Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine 

One of the best seller tennis machines by Spinshot-Player. This machine is operated with the phone remotely. It was the best portable tennis ball machine of previous years 2019.

It is made of high-quality material. Due to its strong material, it lasts a long. There are useful options available for you. Unlike other machines, it allows you to use the battery. Alternatively, AC features, it is best.

Due to its convenient features, it is very easy to use. There features a full-court oscillation targeting as well. You can also control it by using an app on your smartphone.

This machine has a revolutionary design. It let you customize your drills to program spin, direction, height as well as speed.

Also, there are available over 12 pre-programmed drills options so you can practice with a variety of shots. According to your preference, you can adjust the drills.

Additionally, this machine offers great performance on the court. Also, it allows you to practice comfortably at each shop regardless of any angle. Also, it allows you an optional remote so you can easily control the machine.

Besides its square shape, there features an extendable hopper so you can easily move. Its portable design lets it be stored in any car’s trunk.

Overall, if you are looking for a smart machine that does an exceptional job, it’s our highest recommendation. It allows you to perform well on the court. However, it is a smart tennis ball machine.

  • With both AC power and battery
  • Allows 120 balls capacity
  • Easy to portable
  • Vertical and horizontal oscillation
  • Speed range from 18 to 68 mph
  • Although it comes with a user manual, but settings are user-friendly

2- Lobster Sports-Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine

Now we have the best tennis ball machine under 1000. Its Lobster Sports-Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine.

It is designed for beginners. Its simple operations allow you easily use it. The most amazing feature is, it offers unequaled spin control at such an affordable price range.

It allows adjusting the ball spin for both topspin and backspin at different levels. You can adjust it according to your level.

Since 1971, the Lobster manufacturing quality tennis ball machines. This machine is also one of them. It is easy to use and lightweight. Due to its high-quality material, it is the most durable machine. 

Its compact design allows for easier transportation. It is easier to place in the car. However, there are featured oversized 3-wheels. Its ergonomic handle allows easy folding.

Whether it’s gravel, grass, or curbs, it is easy to transport. It is possible with its versatile design. This tennis ball offers manual oscillation. Also, the ball speed range is between 20-70mph.

Additionally, its elevation range is between 0 to 50 degrees. There features a small battery which can operate for 2 to 4 hours constantly. However, its charging time is between 18-24 hours with the basic charger.

With the optional premium charger, its charging time is between 3 to 6 hours. However, if you want to extend its court time. This machine allows you to get the external battery pack.

Besides, there is one thing that you should keep in mind. This machine requires adjustability manually. After some time, it will automatically reduce the angle. So you should adjust it at a slower speed.

Overall, the Lobster tennis ball machine can control both the feed and the sweep operation. Its performance and user-friendly design make it one of the best tennis ball machines available on the market.

  • Highly efficient
  • Durable and reliable
  • Includes with extra battery and charger
  • Offers both topspin and backspin
  • Full hopper of 150 balls
  • Its battery backup is not efficient
  • The handle should be study

3- Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine

Next up, is the Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine. It is the fastest tennis ball machine. There are available both topspin and backspin. To enhance more convenience, it offers horizontal oscillation.

Using this model is full of fun. It allows you to be randomly swept the ball towards the court. You can use it remotely. It offers an orderable option.

When you unwrap the package, there includes a brand new remote watch. There is a button that allows you to start or stop the machine whenever you want.

Like other models by Spinshot, this machine has a square shape design. With the extendable hopper, it makes transportation easy and store. Even you can store it in your car’s trunk.

The metal design makes your machine shine bright on the court. Inside the power cage, it comes with a battery. It also offers a default configuration. You can charge it with the offered charger plugged into the front planet.

However, the battery connection is external. Opening the “power cage,” it offers the batteries to be swapped. To extend the running time, you can use swap more batteries to get uninterrupted training.

Besides, we like its portability. It will amaze you when transported. Also, its randomized shots allow you to improve your practice as well as polish your lateral movements which is important for both a beginner and pro player.

However, we recommend this model from beginners to intermediate players. With the generic control system, there is no digital technology. That’s why it is also an affordable model that was built to last for decades.

  • Lightweight and portable
  • Offers shots randomly at different angles
  • A highly durable machine without plastic construction
  • Battery charger provided
  • There are no digital controls available
  • Battery costs extra

4- Lobster Sports Elite One Tennis Ball Machine

Now we have another model by Lobster. The Lobster Sports Elite One Tennis Ball Machine. This machine is slightly expensive but offers exceptional quality that you ever had wished.

There are pretty attractive features included. Its specifications help you improve your practice. Its built-in easy-to-use features with highly durable material make it your lightest tennis ball machine.

The advanced corner to corner full sweep offers random horizontal oscillation. It gives you a challenging game regardless of any level of player from beginners to advance.

The Lobster makes a highly efficient product. It is one of the higher-end models. On a single charge, it can withstand from four to eight hours. The long-lasting battery ensures plenty of court time between recharges.

It has a lightweight design. That’s why it is easy to transport. For added comfort, it comes with oversized wheels so that you can use portable easily.

Besides its ergonomic design, it offers you to enjoy playing advanced features such as 60 degrees lobs to practice your overheads. This option is not available in its class.

Moreover, this machine allows you to operate it on AC. But it requires an extra cord. As the machine design is pretty compact and lightweight, it makes the portability with ease. You can fit it in your car’s trunk.

Additionally, there is a handle for easy transportation. But most users don’t like the handle design.

Overall, we recommend this model for beginners to intermediate-level of players. Being lightweight, portable, and durable, it offers excellent performance. Unlike other models, it offers tons of variations in each shot which is offered.

  • With plenty of variations for 150 ball
  • Extremely durable and lightweight
  • Remote option available with extra remote included
  • Fairly reasonable price
  • Improves performance
  • There is no indicator
  • Remote could be improved

5- Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four Tennis Ball Machine

When it comes to the best tennis ball machine, the Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four Tennis Ball Machine would be a great pick for you. It offers pretty advanced features that ensure to improve your quality.

This machine offers six pre-loaded drills. It let you stimulate the main styles of playing tennis, similarly professional players. It has a digital control panel. Having a robot-like design feels like you are a pro player.

Like the other best tennis machines, it is also battery-operated. It has been programmed to mix up ball spin, speed, location as well as feed rate. There present all features that improve your skills and enhance the playing experience.

This machine works like a professional player. There are different settings included. These are narrow, medium, and wide settings. These settings allow you for alternating backhand and forehand strokes.

Additionally, there is a speed ranging between 35-80 mph so that you can choose according to your preference. Also, there are features elevations from 0 to 50 degrees.

Like other Lobster models, it is also one of the high-quality tennis ball machines. It offers a 150 translucent capacity hopper, which keeps tracking of how many balls are left.

Moreover, this machine offers a lot of different accessories. However, these accessories are separately sold. You can get them from Amazon to enhance the tennis playing experience.

Besides, the accessories include a grand remote for Apple, 20-function remote control, and a grand remote for Android. 

  • Fast recharging
  • Additional accessories available
  • Outstanding power
  • Easy to use, move and store
  • Customer support isn’t much supportive

6- Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine

Now we have the Isam Tennis Ball machine. There is no doubt the performance offered by the Isam Extend Tennis ball machine. It is the most durable, efficient, and real opponent simulation.

The versatile design with a green look holds up to 300 balls. Its design is easy to portable. Unlike other models, there are five elevation levels. It lets you control the pace of shots.

However, it provides an adjustable ball speed. The ball speed is ranging between 15-70 mph. There is a user-friendly control panel. It offers an easier setting, so you get the best playing experience without the hassle.

What makes it more amazing? It comes with a high-quality battery backup. It runs up to 5 to 7 hours. What a huge playing session offered by Isam. This machine lets you play without any worries on a single charge.

While this tennis ball machine is newly revealed on the market. There are many positive reviews. The users love ball delivery as well as spin control. Also, this machine offers both topspin and underspin.

It is also the lightest tennis ball machine. However, there are no wheels that don’t make it move unevenly. Also, it allows for better portability.

Additionally, the feed rate of this machine is amazing. It offers the fastest firing time. While 1.5 seconds is on the higher end firing rate and 12 seconds on the lower end speed setting.

  • Portable and lightweight
  • Helps improving skills
  • Hold up to 300 balls
  • Easy to program
  • Without wheels

7- Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Lastly, we have the Wilson Tennis Ball Machine. It offers ball speed up to 75 mph. It’s adjustable from one ball every 1 ½ seconds to every 10 seconds. Also, it allows both spins, such as underspin and topspin.

There is an elevation control. Like other models, this tennis ball machine offers a ball trajectory that is electronically adjustable. You can adjust from groundstroke to the lob.

Also, the machine offers a ball capacity of up to 110 balls. There is a built-in oscillator. It let you shots randomly across the court. Indeed, it is a reliable machine. It offers three-year parts and labor warranty.

Out of the amazing features, this machine comes with a powerful battery. It runs up to four hours on a single charge. To extend the battery life, it offers an optional external battery pack.

Additionally, it offers to charge the battery overnight. When it is charged, it will automatically shut off.

Moreover, there is an optional fast/smart charger. It offers you to charge in less than six hours.

However, the portable design lets you move it easily from one place to another. For added convenience, there features built-in towing wheels as well as a handle.

Last but not least, all the functions are controlled by a single electronic control panel. This model is enough to have a serious workout.

  • Easy to handle, move and store
  • Adjustable settings
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Reliable purchase
  • None

Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

When you are going to buy the best tennis ball machines, we have unlimited options to choose from. But which one is suitable for us is difficult to understand. To make your purchasing easier, we have made a list of important aspects that are considered before investing.

In the article which was about beginners tennis racket, we also put a buyer’s guide there, you can also check that hope it’ll to make your purchase easier 🙂

However, we have listed the best models that are available on the market. These models are offered by well-known companies. Aside from this, there are some factors that let you make a reliable purchase.

How to Choose the Best Tennis Ball Machine?

There is no hard thing to decide which model suits your need by reviewing these considerations. We hope you make your bangs for the buck.


The foremost thing is to consider the brand. The reason is, in fact, the tennis balls machine is not sold for a few bucks. There is a lot of money that you have to spend. All the machine requires a considerable price. Therefore, you should invest blindly. On average, the tennis ball machines are ranging between $500 to $4000+ depending on the brands as well as features.

Therefore, if you are looking for the best tennis ball machine, you should look at well-reputed brands to have a long-lasting purchase. Also, you should make a purchase that suits your budget. As we have told you, the tennis machine requires much amount so your purchase should be worth investing in. 


The tennis ball machines are powered by a battery. Once the battery runs out, there is a need to recharge it again. However, there are some models that are available that are powered with both batteries and A/C options. There are expensive, but you can charge and play at the same time. Also, these machines will not interrupt you’re playing. You will get the best playing experience. Besides, to get a dual power option, you have to spend enough amount, but you will get the worth of paying.


For propulsion, there have two options to choose between. One of the propulsion is air pressure while the other is spinning wheels which are also known as counter-rotating wheels.

The counter-rotating wheels are commonly found on the market. Commonly, these type of tennis ball machines has two counter-rotating wheels inside that rotate at a certain pace to feed the tennis ball as well as fire it around the court. Using the main control panel, you can adjust the speed of the wheels.

On the other hand, the air pressure propulsion type or Pneumatic air pressure is pretty much affordable. These are also long-lasting. These type of tennis ball machines uses air pressure to shoot the balls instead of using a plastic tube.

Additionally, the air pressure propulsion type of machines are not powered by a battery. These runs on A/C.


If you are looking for the best tennis ball machine, then the oscillation feature is important to look for. The reason is heaving oscillation feature simulates a real player more by shooting the ball in different directions. The low range models come with only horizontal oscillation, but the advanced models have both options such as horizontal and vertical. However, the dual oscillation feature is recommended for pro-level players who cost high.


The speed of a tennis ball machine is also considerable. When it comes to speed, its range is from 10 to 95 mph. If you are a beginner, then the high-end speed is not suitable for you. You should not want a high shooting speed range. For beginners, we recommend you get a tennis ball machine ranging between 10-50 mph.

Ball Hopper Capacity

Last but not least, you should ensure the tennis ball machine could hold 100 balls minimally in its ball hopper. This feature will allow you to practice for a long time. However, the expensive models have gigantic ball hoppers. It let you hold as many as 300+ balls.

Above all, these listed considerations are important when you are looking for the best tennis ball machine under 1000 or more. However, there are some additional features that you might want, which include a digital control panel, remote control, or warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are tennis ball machines expensive?

Yes, the best tennis ball machines are expensive due to the advanced features. These are featured with complex technologies and require lots of efforts. However, there is some entry-level machine that is quite affordable but offers basic features.

Is tennis ball machine useful?

When you look for the features of the tennis ball machine, you find them useful. These machine helps you to improve your game by playing different techniques as they refine them. These are worthy of buying to bring your game into a whole new level like a professional.

Does a tennis ball machine help you to improve the game?

The tennis ball machine featured with advanced features helps you to improve your game. The reason is, the higher-end models are fully programmable drills. Also, you play with different levels of speed, oscillation and spins. These features help you hit the shot at a different angle by using different techniques which is really worthwhile.

Are there any good tennis ball machine drills?

The answer is yes.

What are the best balls to use with the tennis ball machines?

There are well-known brands that advised to use pressureless tennis balls. This will increase the lifespan of the machine, and you will get a consistent shot as well.

Which are the best tennis ball machines?

  • Spinshot-Player Tennis Ball Machine
  • Lobster Sports-Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machine
  • Spinshot Pro Tennis Ball Machine
  • Lobster Sports Elite One Tennis Ball Machine
  • Lobster Sports Elite Grand Four Tennis Ball Machine
  • Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine
  • Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

Final Verdict

All in all, we have put great effort to find the best tennis ball machines. We hope you find this information useful. However, each machine is meant to do different things. Therefore, before spending your money, you should figure out your needs. Also, we have listed important aspects so you can make a reliable purchase whether you are a beginner or pro player. Besides, we assure you these models are the best available on the market. Let us know if you have any problem finding or any questions in your mind. We are 24/7 here to help you. Thank you for visiting us!

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