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Top 10 Best Table Tennis Rubbers (Reviews & Buying Guide)

The basic equipment that use to play Table Tennis is a suitable racket. And a racket has four sub-parts from which Table Tennis Rubbers are one of the important parts. Rubber is something that requires precision as it plays a key role in the movement of the ball. The amount of spin, speed, and bounce produced during a flight actually depends on the quality of the rubber. To play fast strokes or defensive games it is necessary to have a suitable rubber on the paddle.  This is why the selection of rubber according to the requirement is also an important step.

Expert players love to use high-quality rubber paddles because they play attacking strokes. While on the other hand, an average quality rubber is best for an intermediate player or beginner who wants to have multi-ball training.

Some well-reputed brands are manufacturing high-quality ping pong rubbers.  Many of the rubbers are ITTF approved and they give the players a fine gameplay experience.  And a large variety of middle-quality rubbers are also available that help to play at lower levels and to make table tennis practice.

Now, if you are confused in choosing the right table tennis rubber according to your skill and budget. So, it does not need to have confusion. In this article, I am going to show you the top 10 table tennis rubbers that have been added after a lot of research.  And I will also completely guide you to pick the right choice that will be up to your desires.

Now have a look at the top-ranked rubbers with their features.


Butterfly Tenergy Rubber

Japanese brand Butterfly is a well-renowned brand that has been producing ping pong products for many years. Their Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber is one the best rubbers for ping pong bats available now. The most special thing about this rubber is that Butterfly has introduced ‘Spring Sponge’ technology. The main purpose of this technology is to hold the Ping Pong Ball with the ping pong racket for a longer span. And this term helps a lot to play so precise strokes.

This exceptional sponge combines with a tensioned top-sheet that produces a lot of spin in strokes. It is highly recommended for an aggressive or professional-level player who loves to play fast strokes with high accuracy. On the other hand, it is not so good for lower-level players because the rubber generates much bouncy, and sharp strokes which is difficult to handle for them.

For consistent quality performance, this rubber is perfect because it retains the original condition for a long time.

  • High Quality and Professional level rubber
  • With spring sponge technology
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Produce better spin and bounce in strokes
  • Suitable for power-hitting with high accuracy
  • A little bit expensive as compared to others
  • Not suitable for a very beginner player

Our Verdict

If you want to buy a quality rubber for higher-level gameplay then don’t forget this name Butterfly Tenergy 05. This is an incredible rubber with excellent spring sponge technology and is available at a reasonable price.


If we see the list of top brands that are manufacturing reliable table tennis equipment then this DHS (Double Happiness Shanghai) Chinese brand is always on the list. This is not just saying this brand deserves a high rating. Their DHS Hurricane 3 neo rubber is an outstanding innovation in the world of table tennis especially for attacking players.

DHS Hurricane 3 Rubber

The rubber produces the desired speed strokes and gives a full control gameplay experience. It helps to cope with fast strokes and plays attacking hits in reverse to beat your opponent. Its exceptional thickness offers sharp spin during the flight that helps to deceive your opponent with turning shots.

The rubber is heavy because of a very tacky top-sheet with a hard sponge. This is why it needs a healthy grip in the starting days. But once you become habitual you will love to play with it. This product is available in both black and red color so you can buy it in your desired color.

  • Perfect for attacking players
  • Provides much spin and speed in strokes due to heavy thickness
  • Stickier Hurricane 3 rubber with Neo sponge
  • Material is durable and long-lasting
  • Comes in both black and red colors
  • One year manufacturing warranty
  • The person who starts to play with this rubber needs heavy grip for some days as it could be hard to adjust

Our Verdict

Guys, if you want to buy a quite durable rubber at a decent price then here is a great choice. DHS Hurricane 3 NEO is perfect for having an attacking gameplay experience.


Butterfly Tenergy 64 is another wonderful rubber introduced by the Butterfly brand. It is perfectly designed as it has been passed under a strict manufacturing process. The rubber has extensive distance among the pimples that helps to produce incredible speed in strokes.

Butterfly Tenergy 64 Rubber

This rubber has a soft outer surface but at the same time is powerful enough from inside. It offers attacking strokes and also helps to defend the opponent’s powerful shots. For having both fast and controlled gameplay experience this Butterfly Tenergy 64 ping pong rubber is the best choice. It remains soft in hands and helps to play an offensive game.

One more noticeable thing about this product is that it involves ‘Spring Sponge’ technology that has a highly flexible surface. This is why it offers a lot of spins which is so good for higher-level players.

  • Highly Durable and Long-lasting
  • A better choice for attacking player
  • Has Spring Sponge technology
  • Flexible surface offers much spin and speed
  • Difficult to control at the start as it offers high speed and bounce
  • Pushing is a bit harder to control

Our Verdict

Guys, if you want to buy a rubber to have a fast and under-control gameplay experience then Butterfly Tenergy 64 rubber is the best choice that is perfectly up to your desire. You can buy it from right here at a quite reasonable price.


Tenergy 80 rubber is another world-class table tennis rubber manufactured by the Butterfly brand. And this rubber is a wonderful addition to the Tenergy series. It is a suitable rubber especially for a player who wants to play all-around shots. For having an offensive gameplay experience with brilliant looping this ping pong rubber is perfect.

Butterfly Tenergy 80 Rubber

As compared to Tenergy 05 it is easier to use and more controllable.  It offers a good balance between speed and spin. The rubber is hard and recommended for intermediate and advanced level players. It is much better to play attacking strokes and to cope with the fast shot and counter-attack.

If we see Tenergy 80 FX rubber then it is comparatively soft and better for a player who is a mid-distance looper or all-around attacker. While Butterfly Tenergy 80 rubber provides extra control and smooth spin. It remains comfortable and helps to play precise shots. This is the thing that will help the player to step up his game style.

  • Produce a great balance between spin, speed, and control
  • Easy to use and more controllable
  • Better for intermediate and advanced level players
  • Suitable for playing attacking strokes
  • Not better for out looping
  • It could be expensive than its output

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a rubber that gives you a controlled gameplay experience and is easy to use then Butterfly Tenergy 80 is the best choice for you. And it is available here at an affordable price.


Xiom is a brand that has earned a lot of fame all over the world in a short time because of its productions of excellent ping pong equipment. XIOM OMEGA IV EURO is one of the best backhand rubbers that was manufactured by this brand. A suitable choice for an aggressive player as this rubber helps to play power shots. The rubber has capabilities of backhand play and counterattack by power strokes.

Xiom Omega Rubber

Overall, it is professional-level rubber and so good for an all-around gameplay experience.

Wonderful ratings of speed, spin, and control have come into seeing that show how much good is this.

The rubber has exceptional tension and is a better combination with the carbo sponge. This rubber is a bit hard and produces smooth spin and extra control. At the start, it would be hard to handle as this rubber is a bit hard and powerful enough. It is a medium soft and extremely lightweight Ping Pong Rubber.

  • Lightweight and durable
  • Produce much spin and power in strokes
  • Professional level rubber
  • Have extremely well carbo sponge
  • Best backhand rubber
  • The player may face difficulty to handle it at start

Our Verdict

XIOM OMEGA IV EURO is an excellent rubber that has multiple back-to-back features. And it does not matter what is your playing style it will help you a lot.


Joola is an extremely reliable German brand that has been manufacturing ping pong products for many years. One of their best products is Joola Rhyzm-P ping pong rubber which is an excellent even for offensive playing style. This rubber has qualities that an aggressive player looks for. The rubber has earned enormous fame all over the world as many players of various categories loved this product to use.

Joola Rhyzm Rubber

For beginner or intermediate level players who want to improve their table tennis skills, this rubber is a perfect choice. It is quite durable generates well spin and gives overall control gameplay experience. The sustainability of the rubber is awesome and allows perfect grip itself.

After a few years, it starts losing its performance but still, it remains much playable. It has a medium-hard sponge with an advanced traction surface. Another renowned product of the joola brand is Joola Magic 40+ Ping Pong Balls which is fantastic for multi-ball gameplay.

  • Durable and generates much spin
  • Excellent for aggressive players
  • Sponge with advanced traction surface technology
  • Allows to play fast and control shots
  • Lightweight and lasts longer
  • Rubber is slightly tacky and a sponge is medium-hard

Our Verdict

Joola Rhyzm is a perfect rubber for multiple playing styles. It has fabulous qualities and is available at a quite decent price. So, while buying a quality rubber for a better gameplay experience you should have an eye on it.


 Donic is a German traditional brand that is considered one of the top-ranked manufacturers of ping pong equipment. They have introduced a wonderful Donic Bluefire series of rubbers that includes M1, M2, and M3 Bluefire rubbers. From that series one of the best is the Donic Bluefire M1 rubber that I am going to show you here.

Donic Bluefire Rubber

This rubber has high-tech FD3-technology that makes it one of the top-ranked rubber of all time. The rubber has a long pimpled-in structure due to small pores. This produces high flexibility while playing aggressive strokes.  The blue large pored sponge on the rubber has a much spiny surface.

Moreover, it helps a lot to develop table tennis skills. This rubber is highly dynamic and offers maximum speed and spin. Even, it helps to play the fast shots with high accuracy and to cope with the opponent’s attacking strokes. It is extremely durable and a high-quality rubber and much better to play offensively.

  • With high-tech formula FD3 technology
  • Highly dynamic and has spiny top-sheet
  • Offers high speed, spin and bounce
  • Elastic surface produce catapult effect
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Medium-hard sponge

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a rubber for competitive or offensive gameplay then Donic Bluefire M1 is up to your desire. This quite durable and well-designed rubber is available here at a reasonable price.


Nittaku Hurricane Pro 3 Turbo Orange Rubber has come into being after a perfect combination of Japanese Nittaku brand top sheet and Chinese Hurricane Pro 3 high-quality sponge. The rubber also includes the active charge technology of Nittaku which produces speed performance. Moreover, it is harder and allows to play strokes with high accuracy at exceptional speed and spin.

Nittaku Hurricane Pro Rubber

The sticky top-sheet is thick, glossy, and also covered with a thin protective foil. The packed sheet of this rubber weighs about 80 grams. ITTF has given a registration number (24-038) to this product that shows its reliability.  Awesome reviews about this rubber have come into seeing. It has also got wonderful ratings of speed and spin.

And it is not just saying this rubber deserves reviews and ratings.
Its medium hardness helps to play smashes and to block the opponent’s fast shots. One more noticeable thing is that it comes in both traditional red and black colors.

  • Unique collaboration of both Nittaku and Hurricane brands
  • Top-sheet is made in Japan; Sponge made in China
  • The sponge is Active Charge
  • ITTF registration number (24-038)
  • Comes in both red and black colors
  • Top-sheet is much sticky and covered with thin protective foil
  • A little bit expensive as compared to others

Our Verdict

If you want to get away to success in table tennis then I would like to recommend you this top-quality table tennis rubber. This rubber contains a lot of abilities that help to play both attacking and defending games.


Stiga is a well-reputed brand that has been manufacturing admirable table tennis equipment for many years. A large number of people love to play with Stiga table tennis paddles and balls.  And this Stiga Chop and Drive rubber is an awesome product made by the Stiga brand.

Stiga Chop And Drive Rubber

This is a fabulous rubber for all-around gameplay. It offers more controllable gameplay even beginner or intermediate players can use this rubber so precisely. The unique sponge increases the contact of the ball with a paddle. A better choice for all-around players as this rubber produces many spin and controlled strokes.

On the other hand, its thin version (1.1mm) is suitable for a defensive player. This slightly tacky is lightweight, highly durable, and lasts longer than average. This is a quite reliable choice for consistent performance as this rubber does not lose its quality so early. Both black and red traditional colors are available in this rubber.

  • Better for all-round performance
  • Durable and last longer than average
  • Unique sponge absorbs ball and increases contact time
  • Offers perfect control on the ball
  • Rubber is medium tacky and medium-hard
  • Least expensive
  • Speed rating (6.4) of this rubber is below than average
  • Do not allow fast strokes

Our Verdict

Stiga Chop and Drive Rubber is an excellent rubber that allows you to defend fast strokes and counter-attacks. The rubber is available in both black and red colors at an affordable price.


Yasaka Mark Rubber

Yasaka Mark V rubber is one of the high-quality rubbers and has been maintaining its worth in the world of table tennis for the last two decades. The well-made rubber is an awesome combination of natural and synthetic rubbers. Its adhesive surface helps to generate a fine spin.

This rubber is the perfect choice for intermediate and advanced level players. If you are a very beginner player then, I will not recommend it for you because it is a little bit hard to handle. And if we talk about its hardness then it is fair enough but overall, the rubber is highly durable.

The rubber allows playing spiny and faster strokes with extra control and high accuracy. This is why, it has got quite decent ratings of speed, spin, and controls. This slightly tacky rubber is lightweight and lasts for a long time without losing its performance.

  • Better for defensive and offensive players
  • Adhesive top-sheet offers much speed and spin
  • An awesome combination of natural and synthetic rubber
  • Lighter and highly durable
  • The rubber is hard to use at first
  • Not suitable for a very beginner player

Our Verdict

Yasaka Mark V is a high-quality and extremely well-made rubber available at an affordable price. It may take some time to adjust but once you get control over it you will love it.


A large variety of rubbers made by various reputed brands is available in markets. But it will be very time-consuming for you to find out the right table tennis rubber according to your skills. And there is a chance that you may not get the better choice.

For its solution, here I have enlisted 10 high-quality rubbers that will match will your skills. Before choosing any rubber, you have to make some key considerations that are

Types Of Table Tennis Rubbers

Here are the types of table tennis rubbers that are used for various playing styles all over the world. Now, for choosing the perfect rubber for you have an eye for the different types and their brief details. Then find out a rubber that matches your skills.

1- Inverted Rubber

This rubber has a smooth outer surface and inward pimples beneath the rubber. Inverted rubber is better for multiple playing styles. The rubber helps to play accurate and controlled strokes because its inward pimples increase the time of contact of the ball with the rubber surface.

2- Pimples-Out Rubber

This rubber has pimples facing outward and less surface area of contact with the ball. It offers unpredictable spin and control. This one is a better choice for higher-level players who love to play attacking strokes.

These rubbers come in both short and long lengths pimples.

Short Pips-Out Rubber

These rubbers have tacky ends with a medium grip. It helps to block the incoming spiny strokes and counter-attack with smashes.

Long Pips-Out Rubber

Longer pimples out rubber help to reduce the effect of incoming shots and offers unexpected spin in reverse. It is a suitable rubber for multiple playing styles, especially defensive gameplay. And this one is not recommended for the beginner as it is a little bit hard to handle.

Tacky Rubber

This kind of rubber is most popular because it is much sticky and lasts for a longer time span. The rubber has a wide surface area that allows a better contact time with the balls. It generates much spin that may help to beat your opponent.

Anti-Spin Rubber

Anti-spin rubber has a slippery surface that reduces the frictional effect and generates less spin. It mainly helps to cope with the opponent’s top-spin strokes. And its soft sponge slows down the fast shots. This is why it is the best choice for a defensive player.


The rubber is an essential part of a table tennis racket and like that the rubber also has some essential parts that play an important role in the movement of the balls. This is why these should be according to playing style.

There are two major parts of a table tennis rubber but they have some variations of thickness, hardness, and tackiness.

Now, have a look at these parts with a brief description.

Sponge Layer

The sponge is a layer between blade and rubber that controls the movement of the ball and offers spin and speed in the shots. For different playing styles, there are some variations in the thickness and hardness of the sponge.

1-Thickness of the Sponge layer

The thickness of the sponge ranges from 1 to 2.5 mm. For an attacking or offensive player, a thick sponge of 2 to 2.5 mm is the best. While thinner sponge of 1 to 1.5 mm is highly recommended for defensive players as it offers much control over the ball and slows down the speed of the ball.

2-Hardness of the Sponge

Like thickness, the sponge also has some variations in hardness. The soft sponge is better for defensive players as it helps to control the ball so precisely and to counter-attack. And for beginners or players who want to develop their skill medium-hard sponge is recommended. While a harder sponge is better for attacking and offensive players because it helps to play fast-speed strokes.

The Rubber Top-Sheet

The top sheet of rubber is the outer surface that hits directly with the ball. It comes in both black and red traditional colors. Many of the rubber top sheets have pimples of various lengths.

1-The Pimples 

About the ping pong rubbers have pimples because these are mainly responsible to make contact with the ball. Pimples are actually tiny nubs of rubbers and come in both short and long lengths. They help to control the ball and generate spin.


Well guys, here is a great opportunity for you to pick the right and high-quality table tennis rubber. As I have enlisted top 10 table tennis rubbers with their features you do not need to wander in the markets. These rubbers are added in this article after deep research and according to the player’s demands. These are well-made and high-tech rubbers suitable for intermediate, advanced, offensive, and defensive players.

Most of these rubbers offer much spin and speed in strokes. While some rubbers allow playing fewer speed shots and are more controllable as compared to others. The rubbers are made of highly durable material and last for a long time.

One of the best table tennis rubbers on our list is Butterfly Tenergy 05 because this rubber is much durable and reliable.  Not always a highly expensive rubber is best for performance. These rubbers are perfect for consistent performance and are available at quite reasonable prices.

Now, it’s your turn to choose the right table tennis rubber for you according to your playing style and budget.

Good Luck!


Which is the best Tenergy rubber?

If we talk about the Butterfly Tenergy series of rubbers then Tenergy 05 rubber is the best of all time. A wonderful thing about this rubber is that it has Spring Sponge technology that increases the contact time of the ball with the paddle. It helps to play extremely fast strokes with unpredictable spin.

How long does a table tennis rubber last?

According to a random estimate of manufacturers, the lifetime of a table tennis rubber is about 60-90 playing hours. Don’t be worried, advanced players change their long pimple rubber within 12 months. While anti-spin and short pimples rubber last for a longer time.

What is the maximum thickness of a table tennis rubber?

International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) has approved that the maximum 4 millimeters thickness of the table tennis rubber is allowed officially. The thickness of 2.5 to 3.5 is best for attacking and offensive players as it helps to fast stokes. While 1.5 to 2.5 mm thick rubber is better to have a defensive gameplay experience.

What is the fastest table tennis rubber?

On our list, Donic Bluefire M1 is the fastest table tennis rubber as it got a 9.5-speed rating out of 10. Extremely well formula FD3 technology has been used in this rubber. Its long pimpled-in surface help to play fast strokes with much spin. Butterfly Tenergy 05 rubber also got a 9.3 rating of speed which is nearly equal to Donic Bluefire M1 rating.

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