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Top 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles in 2022 [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

It is always said that sports are not just for fun also but also the worst need for a sound body. Before starting to play any game, it is necessary to have proper and credible equipment for that game. That’s why I am here to present some Best Ping Pong Paddles for table tennis. These ping pong paddles will make you extremely well and will enhance your winning chances in the game. 

Table tennis is a game of inches and adjustment. This game is quite easy to learn even beginners can learn speedily to adapt their positioning and style to counter their challenger’s favorite shots.

As a lot of rackets are available in the markets so it will be difficult for you to find out a suitable racket. Therefore, we brought some top-ranked paddles here that are perfectly designed.These well-made ping pong paddles are suitable for all types of players like attacking players, chopper, or blocker. So, it doesn’t matter what’s your playing style these paddles will help you a lot in all the conditions.

Concerning time, players improve their skills in sport and most of the players keep changing their paddles according to their game progress keeping in mind what paddle helps them to enhance their skills.

Now, the question arises which ping pong racket is best for you?

So, don’t be worried. In this article, I will completely guide you about how to get the best ping pong paddle for you that will match your skills.

What is ITTF?

ITTF is an abbreviation of the International Table Tennis Federationthat governs all the national table tennis associations. Its role is to oversee rules and regulations and make decisions about technological improvements for table tennis. ITTF is also responsible for the organization of international competitions.

Let’s move on further.

Now, have a look at the best ping pong rackets with their features below.

List of 10 Best Ping Pong Paddles

Image Product Name Price
best ping pong paddles Stiga Ping Pong Pro Carbon Check Price
best ping pong paddles Butterfly 401 paddle Check Price
best ping pong paddles STIGA EVOLUTION PADDLE Check Price
best ping pong paddles STIGA TITAN TABLE Tennis Paddles Check Price
best ping pong paddles KILLERSPIN JET 200 PING PONG PADDLE Check Price
best ping pong paddles KILLERSPIN JET 600 PING PONG PADDLE Check Price
best ping pong paddles KILLERSPIN JET 800 PADDLE Check Price
best ping pong paddles DHS HURRICANE II PING PONG PADDLE Check Price
best ping pong paddles PALIO EXPERT 2.0 PING PONG PADDLE Check Price
best ping pong paddles IDORAZ PING PONG PADDLE Check Price


Stiga Ping Pong Pro Carbon

Stiga Ping Pong Pro Carbon is one of the best table tennis paddles that are available here. It consists of 7 layers: in those layers, 2 are made of Carbon and the other 5 are of Balsa wood. That’s why it is lightweight and at the same time rigid enough also. ITTF approved ping pong rubber has been used on it with a 2mm thick sponge layer.

For a tournament player, it is the best choice as it enhances the confidence of the player to overcome the situation. And if you are a beginner then it will you to boost up your skills early in table tennis.

This is a perfect racket and can generate enough spin. It is one of the fastest paddles that increase your shot precision on the tennis table. Paddle allows a perfect grip on the handle that helps to play controlled strokes.

Pro Carbon Paddle gives a professional quality play at an adequate price.

  • ITTF approved rubber used
  • Carbon Technology used for speed and power
  • Performance Ratings- Speed: 99 Spin: 95 Control: 85 Power 90
  • Rigid and Long-lasting
  • Not suitable for a highly professional game


It is not true that only expensive paddles are the best. This product is a perfect one even for a competitive player at an affordable price. Buy it and make your game style more effective.


Butterfly 401 paddle

Butterfly 401 paddle is one of the best peddles for a beginner player as well as for an all-rounder player. For a beginner player, it helps in the development of playing skills early. This racket is made up of a 5-ply wood blade with a 2.2 mm sponge and both sides are covered with Butterfly Yuki rubber which is ITTF approved. The perfect design also for an advanced level as it can match his skills.

This ping pong butterfly paddle got an extremely well rating as compared to the other ping pong designs. It has a rate of 8 in both spin and speed and 8.4 in control.

It helps the player playing more precise and fast shots on a ping pong table. This well-constructed table tennis racquet is available here at a quite reasonable price.

  • Good for both beginner and advanced players
  • ITTF approved rubber covered both sides
  • Tenacious and lightweight model
  • Better speed and spin rate
  • The handle is smaller than average


This extremely well design is available here at a reasonable price. If you are a beginner player then it is also a good choice. So, buy this ping pong paddle for you without any money-wasting tension.



This is considered one of the best paddles in ping pong reviews. Also got excellent ITTF rating, 96 of speed and 94 of spin this is why it is the best one. It is an approved racquet that helps a lot to win the game on any type of outdoor ping pong table.

The paddle also got an unforgettable control rating of 90 and it shows this ping pong racquet is thoroughly reliable. So, it does not matter what is your playing style this well-made racquet will help a lot in all conditions, whether you are a defensive player, blocker, chopper, or even beginner. This ITTF approved model is made up of a 6-ply light blade, premium rubber, and sponge of 2mm thickness on both sides.

Stiga Evolution is a pretty good lightweight paddle and helps to play precise and controlled strokes. On the other hand, it does not charge too much.

  • The better choice for a tournament player
  • Ratings out of 100: Control 90, Spin 94, Speed 96
  • ITTF approved paddle
  • Lightweight and Rigid
  • Hollowed handle needs heavy grip


This awesome ping pong paddle is available here at an adequate price. Not always an expensive paddle does the best this paddle will also help you to play in all various conditions that are mentioned earlier. It is one of the best choices that you should keep in mind while buying any ping pong racquet.



This Ping Pong Racquet is made by a well-reputed company that is renowned for its ping pong equipment production. This is a fantastic ping pong paddle with a bit more power than the other paddles.

Stiga Titan Paddle is extremely well designed for a defensive player and even for a beginner player who is trying to develop his skills on the ping pong tables. The blade is made up of 5 wooden plies with an inverted sponge of 2mm thickness.

It provides better control and quick spin that makes your game dominant to the opponent.

This paddle has a smooth handle made up of wood and allows to grip perfectly. This makes your shots against your opponent fast and precise enough. The material used in this model is not the same as their top-ranked paddles have. This is why it is not highly recommended for advanced-level players but still, it is good enough.

  • Performance level Ping Pong Racket
  • ITTF approved rubber
  • Hard blade helps to playfaststrokes
  • Optimal speed and spin design
  • Performance rating: Spin 78, Control 80, Speed 82
  • 5-ply wooden blade with concave Italian Handle
  • Not highly durable


It is a pretty good design at an affordable price. If you are a beginner then this model is very suitable for you. And if you are an attacking player then this will be also a better choice for you.



This is a perfect entry-level paddle and has an adorable design. Fabulous paddle for a beginner player who wants to improve his skills in table tennis. It consists of a 5-ply wooden blade and a flared grip handle. Outstanding ping pong reviews about this model show that how reliable is this.

According to the ITTF rating, its speed rating is a little low than other models of ping pong racquets. But on the other hand, it got a control rating of 8.5 which is pretty to have full control in the game. Killerspin Jet 200 Paddle has a mediocre spin rate of spin which is not so bad for this kind of paddle.

The material used in it is not too reliable so it is not suitable for a tournament player. But still, it is a good design for a beginner-level player at a cheap price. This one is a cheap ping pong paddle among all other designs. Its price is nearly equal to Butterfly 401 and Stiga Titan paddles.

  • Reliable Construction
  • The better choice for a beginner player
  • Exceptional control rating
  • Least expensive
  • Perfect to play control strokes
  • Little low-speed rate
  • Not suitable for tournament or advanced level player


For a beginner or irregular player, this paddle is a better one. I suggest you, if you are a fresher, then use this model. As it has a good control rating so you can play the game more precisely and enhance your skills easily.



This is an adorable design and advanced-level paddle with lots of features. It is solid enough as 5-layers of wood are used in its blade construction. And at the same time, it is lightweight so the player can get full control through the game. ITTF approved model and perfect for a tournament. And it doesn’t matter where are you playing it helps in all the conditions whether you are playing on an indoor ping pong table or outdoor ping pong table.

This incredible model is ITTF approved and has got an enormous rating of spin and speed. Ability to counter spin and fabulous control on the racket help to play the game smoothly. Nitrox-4Z rubber of 2mm thickness has been used on both sides of this model that secure it from any breakage.

Killerspin Jet 600 ping pong paddle is extremely well designed and available at a quite reasonable price with 30 days warranty. This is a great privilege for those players who want to make their game more efficient and to polish their skills.

  • Perfect for the competitive or advanced level player
  • ITTF approved model
  • ITTF Ratings out of 10: Spin 9, Speed 8, Control 8.5
  • Comes with 30-days warranty
  • Flared handle is short than other models


Killerspin Jet 600 Ping Pong Paddle is a better choice if you are thinking about stepping up your game. I mean such a wonder racket is available at a reasonable price.



This well-made Killerspin Jet 800 Paddle has been approved for official tournaments and is also ranked as a professional table tennis paddle. This gives exceptional control and grip on the ball that help the player to play more precise strokes. Got awesome ratings of speed 9.5 and spin 9 which are incredible for an attacking or defensive player.

This paddle has a 7-ply blade, 5 layers of which are made of wood, and the other 2 are of lightweight Carbon. Highly reliable Nitrx-4Z rubber with a 2mm thick sponge is used that helps to make your game smooth enough. Its flared handle helps you to play controlled strokes.

If I talk about ping pong reviews about this model then those reviews are unforgettable. It is not just saying this fabulous design deserves that review. At the same time, this model is not so much costly.

  • Perfect constructed equipment
  • Suitable for tournament or advanced level player
  • High stroke accuracy
  • ITTF approved model
  • Ratings out of 10: Control (8), Spin (9), Power (9), Speed (9.5)
  • A little bit expensive than other models


This perfectly designed model is available here at a reasonable price. So, guys buy it without any money wasting tension and make your playing skills entirely dominant on the tennis table.



This all-around performance paddle is one of the most expensive rackets available now. On the other hand, it is also one of the best Chinese Ping Pong Paddles designed by DHS which is a well-reputed company in china. This adorably designed paddle has an eye-catching look. DHS Hurricane II ping pong paddle helps to boost up table tennis skills even for a beginner also.

The blade of this paddle is a composite of 5-ply wood with G555 black rubber and Hurricane II red rubber on both sides. The red rubber side has pimples in and the black side has pimples out. It can be used in tournaments as this equipment is ITTF approved.  Its power and speed ratings are not so much but still better than many other models. And if we talk about spin then it is exceptional.

Its weight is high due to its heavy construction so it needs a strong grip of the hand on it. If you have a fine budget for a paddle then this will be the best choice to buy.

  • The perfect paddle for all-round performance
  • Rating out of 10: Speed (8.5), Spin (9.2), Control (8)
  • ITTF approved model
  • Adorable design
  • Rubber smells
  • Rubber tends to lose its tackiness


This Incredible paddle is a little bit more expensive than other models. Once you spend your budget to buy it, I am sure it will not disappoint you.



This fabulous paddle is an exclusive collaboration between Expert table tennis and the Chinese Palio brand. A perfect paddle for all-round performance so, it does not matter whether you are a beginner, intermediate player, or playing on an advanced level. This is enormous for a beginner as it gives perfect control while playing strokes, so it will be easy for a beginner to enhance his skills early.

Wonderful ping pong reviews about this model have come into seeing that show it is reliable. One more amazing thing about this Palio Expert 2.0 paddle is that it is ITTF approved for the official tournament. ITTF ratings of control, spin, and speed of this paddle are satisfactory. Popular CJ8000 rubber with 2mm thick soft sponge is used that helps to generate smooth spin. Its blade is a composite of 7-ply wood that makes it rigid enough.

Palio brand has also introduced two marvelous palio series paddles Palio Master 2.0 and Palio Legend 2.0. I added these two models’ names to make you realize that this palio brand is fully believable.

  • ITTF approved paddle
  • Flared Handle easy to hold
  • Rigid and Lightweight
  • Ratings out of 10: Speed (7), Spin (8), Control (9)
  • Rubber may be going loose with time


Its price is higher than many other brands. But for a sensible person price does not matter if he finds a perfect match. Then guys here is the perfect paddle for you that carries a lot of features at a reasonable price.



Idoraz is not a well-known brand but its product Idoraz ping pong racket has earned a lot of fame. It offers great speed and control that helps to overwhelm your opponent by playing fast and precise shots.

Its 5-ply wood blade plays an important role in generating a good speed and spin of the ball. ITTF approved rubber layers have been used that make its blade fine enough. The flared handle of the paddle keeps comfortable in the hands while playing table tennis. This paddle maybe not be suitable as it would be difficult to manage fast strokes. But for an advanced-level player, it is a wonderful choice to have. 

Amazing ping pong reviews have been noticed about this model. Another wonderful thing is that it comes with a case that helps to keep it safe and prevent damage. Enormous rating of speed, spin, and control is unbelievable for this kind of newly launched paddle. This ITTF approved model can be used in official tournaments.

  • ITTF approved
  • Can be used in tournaments
  • Features Rating out of 100: Speed (98), Spin (92), Control: 90
  • Flared Handle is comfortable enough
  • Comes with 30 days guarantee
  • The case as a gift to keep it safe
  • A little bit expensive than other models


Precious things are usually expensive. And this design is also precious for a player who knows the worth of a better paddle. So, if you have a fine budget to buy the perfect paddle then get it from here without any money wasting tension and step up your game style.

Things That Should Be Considered While Buying A Ping Pong Paddle

Guys! If you have joined table tennis recently then definitely you are looking for a suitable Paddle for you. Therefore, in this article, I have presented 10 top-ranked ping pong that reduces your research to find the best table tennis racket.

Now, the question arises which ping pong paddle is best for you? And Which are those things that should be considered while buying a ping pong racket?

Just carefully read the instructions given below. It will help to choose the best match for you.

Before explaining the parts of the ping pong paddle, you should also know about the following ratings.

Ping Pong Paddle Power

Power is the most important rating, especially for an attacking player. These paddles are typically designed for speed, generally having lower control ratings. And becomes difficult for new players to deal with. 

If we see rating wise then some power rackets are better than others, because of multilayers and wood designs. 

Power is usually rated as a score out of 10 or 100.STIGA Pro Carbon paddle has a power rating of 99 out of 100 which is maximum power.

Ping Pong Paddle Spin

Spin is the swing produces when the ball hits with aping pong bat. The better grip usually amounts to better spin potential. This is the reason to choose the right, high-quality rubber. On the other side, damaged rubber could reduce spin potential.

Pimples in and out on the rubber surface also affect the amount of spin. Better spin helps you to deceive your opponent with turning shots. This is why a better spin rating is also a feature that should be considered. 

Ping Pong Paddle Speed

Actually, speed is the ability that produces fast stokes. Usually, advanced-level players play with very fast apparatus because they have better control over it than lower-level players.

Not necessarily, your speed should be too fast. If the Ping pong paddle is too fast, it will become difficult to control for a new player. In general, a better choice for new players and advanced players is fast rubber on a slow or medium-speed blade. So, speed should be according to your skill level.

Ping Pong Paddle Control

Control is a feature that shows how much a player is comfortable while playing shots. How much you have a grip on the ball and how relaxed you are while blocking, or returning a serve. Less or more control over the ball depends upon the design of the paddle you are using.

However, with less speed and spin, you have more control over the ball as it hits the paddle perfectly. Generally, the thing which should be kept in mind is; Either you can get the ball over the net or not. Therefore, the control rating is much more effective for a player of any caliper.

Playing Styles

While choosing a paddle, your playing style should also be kept in mind, so that you can pick the right ping pong paddle according to your skill level. Every player has a unique playing style.

Some different styles are;

The attacking style in which the player hits powerful and fast shots.

The defensive style is in which the player uses placement, patience, and guile to beat opponents.

All-rounder style in which a player chooses instant shots and places them carefully and moves his opponent side to side.


It is important to check out all the parts of the paddle carefully while buying it. All these parts are essential and affect the playing style. There are four major parts of a paddle whose names are given below. 

  • Blade
  • Handle
  • Rubber
  • Sponge

Glue (Additional part)

Ping Pong Paddle Handle

The handle of a paddle is connected to the blade. According to your playing style, it is totally up to you that you can choose anatomically, flared or pen hold, straight covered or uncovered, short or long handle, there are no restrictions.

Here are some types of a handle that are commonly used for ping pong paddles; FL (flared), ST (straight), and AN (anatomic).

Flared Handle: Mostly used style in paddles. This handle is wider towards the end of the handle to stop slipping.

Straight Handle: This handle has the same width from top to bottom.

Anatomic Handle: This handle is wider in the middle that remains fit in the palm. 

Most of the ping pong players are using paddles with flared handles.

Now, it’s your choice which handle do you prefer.

Ping Pong Paddle Blade

There is a core of your paddle called the blade. It allows power control and helps to play fast strokes. Traditionally, blades of ping pong paddles are made up of a wide range of wooden layers, but now modern paddles can have layers of carbon, fiberglass or other material.

Speed and control are directly affected by the construction of the blade. So, you can choose any heavy or lightweight blade.

Ping Pong Paddle Rubber

The rubber of the paddle works as skin as it covers the outer portion of a paddle. Many colors of rubber surfaces are available, so you can select any desired color. The property of being cohesive and the flexibility of rubber also matter. More tackiness generates more spin.

Better spin is produced by soft rubber. So, if you want to play a slow, defensive game, then I recommend you to buy a paddle of soft tacky rubber. If you play an attacking game, you’ll need a stronger rubber.

Ping Pong Paddle Sponge

The sponge of multiple thicknesses is often used on the surface of the rubber. Usually, a 2mm thick sponge is used in ping pong paddles.

It plays a key role to speed up the ball and control it so precisely. A hard sponge can enhance the speed of a shot but make it difficult to drive. On the other hand, a soft sponge is hard to handle.

A thin sponge is easy to control but the thick sponge is hard to control because it produces a fast spin of the ball. So, the average thickness of the sponge is better for any type of table tennis player. 

Ping Pong Paddle Glue

Glue is an indirect part of the paddle and plays an important to keep the rubber bound with the blade. Some glues are more adhesive and quick-drying which gives a distinct advantage by increasing the speed of the shot.

However, this type of glue contains compounds that are considered harmful to a player’s health because they gave off a distinctive odor. ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation) banned certain types of glue i.e. speed glue. If you have planned to take part in official tournaments then it is necessary to use the approved paddle in that competition. Otherwise, you may be disqualified before playing a single game.

Generally, water-based and solvent-free glue is good for a paddle. 


Guys, if you are a tennis player then you will definitely need to buy a suitable racket for yourself. Here are the top10 ping pong paddles available that are suitable for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced level players. All the paddles are ITTF approved so these are credible enough and can be used in tournaments. These perfectly designed models play important roles to boost up your skills and step up your game. These incredible paddles are in reach now for buyers at reasonable prices.

Read the buyer guide carefully and get the best paddle for you from right here without roaming in the markets.  Being a well-wisher, I recommend you to buy a ping pong paddle from here according to your skills and budget.

Good Luck!

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