Best Exercises For Tennis Players

Tennis training can be difficult if you are doing a workout at home. In this blog, you will come to know about a complete set of “Tennis Exercises” through a 15-minute workout using your body weight and your tennis racquets. So a tennis-specific workout using only your tennis racquets and your body weight. Now, this workout consists of five three-minute rounds, and if you feel like that might be too much for you. These exercises are the best exercises for all tennis players.

First Round of Tennis Exercises

1- Forehands with split-step 30-seconds

You can start by doing only two or three rounds to begin. So the first exercise is simply shadow swings with one tennis racquet. You’ll need a bit of space for this because you’ll be swinging your racket at high speed. So you don’t want to be smashing up your house. Now in this drill make sure, you are working on the open stance semi-open, the neutral stance, and don’t forget to split-step in between shots. 

2- Hop and Split step alternating 30 seconds

In this step, you will do a hop and split, and you will do alternating between hopping on your right and left leg. This is a great drill for that split step and also the coordination in your feet. 

3- Backhands with split-step – 30 seconds

In this draw, you will shadow your back-end. It doesn’t matter if you’re of one or two hundred back and play, you are shadowing your back-end once again. Don’t forget about the split-step that recovery step, and use the semi-open, open and neutral stance when you’re doing this drill. 

4- Normal Warm-up

Warm-up is very necessary before doing any kind of exercise or game. Normal press-ups are the best idea to warm up your body in a short time, so the arms may be around shoulder-width apart. The method is very simple. You are simply going down to the floor or as low as you can go back and up into that straight position. Try to keep a straight line through your legs and your back and try to make sure that you push off the ground using that explosive power from the chest. 


Have 30 seconds rest to focus on your breathing and stretch out any tight muscles. It will help you to focus on your breathing if you’re feeling stiffness in any particular muscle. You can take this time to stretch out those muscles before the next round begins. 

Second Round of Tennis Exercises

1- Forehand Volleys with split-step – 30 seconds

Forehand volley helps you to focus on that split-step moving through the volley and recovering, so it’s all about having that small swing when you are imagining you are hitting this folly and having fast feet so 30 seconds in a row. 

2- Double-Split steps – 30-seconds

Working on a double-split step is a very good exercise. In these double-split steps, you will start with your feet together, and you’re going into the double split step and coming back to 30 seconds of high-intensity with this drill. 

3- Backhand Volleys with split-step – 30-seconds

Backhand volley helps you to focus on having a compact swing and working hard with your feet. This means split stepping, moving through the valley, and then recovering make sure you also shadow different heights of the body so high ones, low ones, and medium-high volleys. In this drill, you are doing a side shuffle step on the spot. So it’s that quick change of direction focuses on having the body balanced when you are changing direction and push off when you swap legs.

4- Russian Twists with feet off-grounds – 30-seconds

It is time to do the Russian Twists exercise with your feet off the ground. It will make it a lot more intense if it’s a bit too hard. You can also put your feet on the ground, and that will make it easier. So try to rotate your upper body, your torso, and you are going for 30 seconds in a row. 


That’s the end of round number two, and now you have 30 seconds to recover, and focus on your breathing deep breathing through the nose and out through the mouth if possible. 

Third Round of Tennis Exercises

1- Crossovers – 30 seconds

In this rule, you have to do the crossover step on the spot, so once again it’s all about that quick change of direction. Make sure, you are low when you push off from the outside leg and maintain good balance throughout the straw. 

2- Backhand Slice with Split-Step – 30 seconds

Backhand slice helps you to focus on the split step and having good technique. So that early coil with the upper body and maintaining good balance throughout the swing. 

3- Shoulder Taps -30 seconds

Shoulder taps exercise is done to work on your upper body balance, so you’re in that press-up position and you’re simply touching your opposite shoulder, so your right hand touches your left shoulder and your left hand touches your right shoulder. All the while, you are maintaining a good balance in that straight line through your legs and back. 

4- Plank – 30 seconds

In this exercise, you will do the plank for 30 seconds. So focus on really squeezing those muscles in the trunk in the core and contract. Those abdominal muscles hold that good line between your feet and your head all the way through, so don’t let your hips or your bum come too high or too low, so maintain that straight line throughout the thirty Seconds. That’s the end of round number three.


So now focus on your breathing. You have 30 seconds to recover before the next round. Now, if you feel like that, that’s enough, you can always stop here, and next time you do this workout. Try to go for around four and even five, but if you want to carry on, focus on your breathing and get ready for that next round.  

Fourth Round of Tennis Exercises

1- Backhand Volleys with Two Racquets – 30 seconds

In this drill, you will exercise with two racquets. Now, if two racquets are too heavy or you feel like you can’t grip the racquets. You can always go back to just doing it with one racket. So it’s up to you if you want to make it a bit more intense and a little bit harder and the weight to be a little bit heavier. Then use the two racquets so simply focus on that small compact swing and being intense with your feet. Now do a split step. You’ll have to put your right leg in front and then the next time you’ll have your right leg going back behind, so split into the crossover. Once again going intense for thirty Seconds.

2- Backhand Volleys with two Racquets – 30 seconds

Playing backhand volley using two racquets is a good idea. If it’s too heavy, or you can’t grip two racquets use the one racket that’s okay. Once again focus on that compact swing and being intense with your feet. 

3- Wide Grip Press-ups – 30 seconds

A wide grip press is also another effective exercise. Your hands will be a little bit wider than the normal press-ups. This will target different parts of the chest and make it a little bit more intense. So why grip press-ups for 30 seconds and do as many as you can in those 30 seconds. Remember to feel like you are going all the way down and up. 

4- Crunches – 30 seconds

Doing ab crunches is a very good exercise. You will go too high and lift the torso off the ground slightly, feel that contraction in the ABS and then go back down thirty Seconds do as many as you can. With these small ab crunches, that’s the end of round four so we’ll do if you are still going. You are doing fantastic focus on your breathing. If you want to stop here, you can. If you want to carry on and finish around five focus on breathing and recovery before you begin the next exercise. 

Fifth Round of Tennis Exercises

1- Forehands off one leg – 15 seconds

Now you will work on the forehand of the front leg which is the left leg for 15 seconds followed by 15 seconds off the back leg of the right leg. This would change if you are a left-handed player. Once again focus on your balance and maintaining good technique throughout both sets of 15 seconds. 

2- Double Split steps – 30 seconds

Now go into the double split steps once again. So maintaining that wide base and being explosive with those two split steps and then getting back into that styling base intensity throughout 30 seconds and getting ready for the next exercise. 

Final Set of Exercise

Now revise all exercises once again step by step. Start the hop and split once again alternating between the right and left leg and maintaining that wide base when you do go into the split step. Do the knee to shoulder crunches. This is quite an advanced exercise, quite intense. If you can do it for 30 seconds, you are doing very well. So you start with your body quite extended quite straight with your feet off the ground, your legs off the ground, and you go into that crunches position, and then return to that starting base normal press-ups once again for 30 seconds. Now see how many you can do in those 30 seconds if you can get past 18 or 20 reps. You have done very well and this is the last exercise of this workout. If you have enjoyed the blog give it a thumbs up and share it with your friends. 

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