Top 10 Actionable Tennis Tips For Beginners

Are you new in tennis? if yes, then you’re land here at the very right place, today in this post i’ll discuss you the 10 Amazing tennis tips for beginners which will change your tennis experience, No doubt, Tennis is a fascinating sport that requires sufficient practice and athletic skills for proper game play.

The position on the court and better footwork is also an important part of tennis sport. A firm grip on a racket improves your game style. Different shots are played like serve, backhand, and forehand.

Tennis sports involve multiple strategies and tactics that are used to overcome opponents. The first experience of Tennis may be frustrating but you don’t need to disappoint. Once you start to play tennis stick on the routine and learn new techniques. Because a consistent practice is the worst necessary to become a pro player.
And amateur players like Roger Federer make practice regularly and try new techniques to polish their playing skills.

While the beginner players do not have enough ideas about how to play tennis. This is why I am here to share some important Tennis Tips for Beginners. The purpose of this article is to guide you about the basics of Tennis.

1. Choose Right Equipment

Tennis Tricks for Beginners

The equipment of tennis greatly affects the gameplay experience. So, equipment like tennis rackets and shoes should be according to your skills.

Tennis Racket

Beginners should be very careful in choosing the racket. The tennis racket is not less a frontline soldier that helps to cope with the opponent’s shots and return attacking strokes. However, many high-quality rackets are available but it does not mean you need to buy those expensive rackets. You need a durable racket that allows a firm grip. The racket should be comfortable in your hands. If you are a very beginner player then I recommend you to have Babolat Max Drive 110 – or ​Head TI S6 racket.

Tennis Shoes

Tennis is a sport that involves consistent movement of feet. Your stability on the surface also matters a lot. So, a comfortable pair of shoes is also a basic requirement to enhance your tennis skills. The shoes must have soft insoles that support your heel and ankle. The players face different foot injuries so you should buy comfortable shoes that fit in your feet. For beginners the Nike Men’s Court Lite Tennis Shoe is one of the best performance shoes.

Tennis T-Shirt

Guys, a tennis t-shirt is also an important thing that lets you play comfortably. For a beginner player, a suitable t-shirt is necessary. The shirt should not too compressive or loose. Check the material and size of the t-shirt and then make a choice. For a very beginner tennis player, the Under Armour Men’s Tech Short Sleeve T-Shirtis a good choice to buy. Because this shirt is made of breathable Polyester and allows the player to move easily.

2. How to Hold the Racket

This is a crucial step especially for a very beginner player who has never played tennis. Like different shots there are some different ways to hold a tennis racket. These ways include continental, eastern, and western grips.

Players use that grip style for different playing levels. However, they change their grip with the need in the game. The advanced players often use the eastern forehand grip. we recently wrote a detailed guide on best tennis grips hope it’ll help help you a lot while choosing the perfect tennis grip, Moreover, the backhand grip is a little bit tricky and can be changed with continental. For this grip, you need to place the index finger on 2nd bevel of the handle.

3. Standing Positions on the Court

For developing tennis skills, knowing about where to stand and how to change position is very much effective. With the variance of the game and to play different shots, Players stand on different positions of the court like the middle of the baseline, at center of the court, closer to the tramlines, or behind the baseline.  

Generally, players stand in the middle of the baseline to play groundstrokes and to cope with the opponent’s attacking shots. While the position of a foot behind the baseline is good to play returning serves. For both backhand and forehand, you should stand closer to the tramlines or at the center of the court.

Keep the hands at waist height by holding the racket in front of you for the volley. You should be in the ready position to tackle in return the shots quickly. This is very much important to have a controlled gameplay experience.

4. Be Ready to Move Around the Court

Consistent movement around the court is necessary to play tennis more skillfully. The beginners should learn how to change body position and move around the field to tackle with different shots. How to side skip along and run backward for smashes or lobs. For both backhand and forehand, gameplay moves from baseline to center of the court. Have planned drill and repeat it regularly to become a tennis pro. Guys, for all this the only thing to make practice.

5. Learn the Fundamentals of Different Shots

The sport of tennis involves different shots like forehand, backhand, serve, volley, half-volley, lob, overhead, and drop shot. Well, to play all these shots players require different grips. If you a very beginner, start the game with a simple service action then you just need to learn fundamentals of serve, forehand, and backhand. When you get full control of these shots then you can move forward to a new one.

However, other shots are a little bit difficult to play but if you make sufficient practice then you will be able to play these shots. For playing volley, hold the racket at waist height in front of you. 

Some players love to play spin shots. To produce a spin focus on swinging low to high; no matter you are playing forehand or backhand. Turn to a side while hitting the ball with a racket. And make contact with the ball from low to high with a fluid motion. This will result in the production of topspin on the ball.

6. Improve Your Stamina

Improve Your Stamina

This is another important tip to make your tennis game more efficient. Playing only tennis not enough always. With improving the game style, you should improve your stamina as well. Because this is something that lets you perform well at a high level. And it also helps you to step up your tennis.

For improving your stamina, you can join any other sport like gym workout or run. You should improve your speed to cope with the opponent’s shot quickly and return attacking stroke. Generating more speed will help you to play smashes and beatable strokes. 

No doubt, tennis is a sport that requires quick movement. With stamina, you cannot play a longtime tennis match that lasts for hours. So, improve your stamina with time.

7. Make Sufficient Practice

Whichever sport you want to play requires a lot of practice. Tennis is quite fascinating but difficult as well. With the practice of a mere few days, you cannot become a pro player. Like some other sports Tennis demands continuous practice to become a real skillful player.

So, you should make sufficient practice and do not make your weaknesses obvious to your opponent. Be optimistic and learn new techniques with the passage of time.

8. Stick to a Routine

If you a beginner then it is necessary to make enough practice and stick to a routine. So, it does not matter how much busy you are. Just follow the routine until your game style has improved. Then make a new routine and go on to step up your game. And the best choice is that you should make practice with someone of similar abilities.Mostly the first experience of tennis is frustrating but it does not mean that get disappointed.

9. Improve Footwork

The whole movement during the tennis gameplay truly depends on footwork. It may be difficult for a very beginner to learn footwork techniques. If we say that every tennis player has better footwork then it’s quite insane.

To engage yourself in the game and maneuver the ball it is important to learn that skills. As mentioned earlier, for better footwork you should have comfortable shoes. Here are some tennis footwork tips that will lead you from beginner to pro. 

You should stay on your toes to play more dynamically and to cope with attacking strokes. For a beginner, it would be destructive to get close to the ball. Make sure your position where you can play shots easily with a straight arm.

10. Make Yourself Comfortable

Whether you are a beginner or pro, without the comfort you will not be able to perform well. First of all, make sure your comfort in choosing tennis equipment. Because tennis equipment greatly affects your game. So, you should be comfortable throughout the match. If you want to get the best comfortable tennis bag for you then you can read our recent published article.

If you are comfortable then you will be able to play tennis matches for hours, especially competitive matches.Advanced tennis players like Rafael Nadal or Roger Federer remain cool and calm just because of comfort.


Well, these are really useful tips for tennis beginners. I have added all the tips that are according to the requirements of beginners. Additionally, a brief guide about how to hold a tennis racket and information about the right tennis equipment also explained here. The detail about different shots and grips of rackets have been added. And this article is extremely helpful for a very beginner who no ideas about how to play tennis. The person who follows these tips will definitely see positive outcomes. If you are a very beginner then you should read this article completely and then follow the tips honestly. Hopefully, your tennis skills will improve soon. Good Luck

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